[LordIsaac Maple Adventures Episode 1]

“No. I might be a mercenary, but I won’t kill innocents for money.” He sighed as he left the building. He was now jobless.
“Hello Isaac. Back already? You should really consider taking one of those tasks. They really pay well,” said Sin.
“There’s more honour to how I work than you, Sin. But you won’t understand. Nobody does.”

As they walked down the street, they could already find several pitiful crimes happening all around Kerning City. Muggers, rapists, killers, thieves, you name it. They were crawling everywhere. “What’s with this city? It used to be a nice and peaceful place! Look at it! Vandalism all over the place!” exclaimed Sin.
“Do you think it’s anything to do with the city’s new mayor?” questioned Isaac. “Ever since he came to power, the city has gone into a deep debt.”

Isaac and Sin took a shortcut through a dark alley way. They were confronted by a young child, crying uncontrollably. Isaac walked up to the young girl. “What’s wrong?”
“M-m-my p-parents left m-me. I don’t h-have anywhere to g-go.”
“Why don’t you come with us? We’ll take you to a good town and a place to stay,” assured Isaac.
Sin pulled Isaac back forcefully. “What the hell are you thinking? We can’t bring her with us!” hissed Sin. Isaac returned the comment with such a blank look that Sin couldn’t do anything but to allow her to come. “Fine,” he said to the girl, “you can come with us. But misbehave, and I’ll chop off your head.”

The three adventurers set off to leave the city. On the way to the L Forest, they were ambushed by octopus. Isaac cursed under his breath. There was no way they could kill the octopus. In a flash, a mage fell from the sky. In a swift motion, the octopus were dead, scorched from the wizard’s flaming arrows. “Wow! Thank you, sir. Who are you, and would you like to join our party?” questioned Sin.
“My name is Azzarius.”

“So Azzarius, why are you here?” interrogated Sin.
“I was assigned a job by NeoCorp. I’m supposed to find a child. She’s supposed to be some child left by her parents. My job is to find her and find a person to buy her as a slave.”
“A girl? As a slave? Have you any decency-”
“Right right. Let’s go get a drink, shall we?” snapped Sin firmly, attempting to shut Isaac up. After a few minutes of walking, Isaac snarled at Sin, “Why the hell did you cut me off?”
“Shhh! Not so loudly. Have you noticed he was looking for a young girl?” whispered Sin. Isaac nodded. “Yeah. And have maybe that girl he’s looking for is the young girl we invited to our party!”
“I know that man… he’s the one who killed my parents,” said the girl, sombrely.
“What? I thought you said your parents left you.”
“I-I don’t think it would have been easier for you to handle if I simply said they were d-dead,” explained the girl.
“What’s your name anyway? Maybe you’re not the same person Ganzicus is looking for,” said Isaac.
“My name is Miala.”
Far off in a distance, Azzarius yelled, “Hey guys! Come on, you’re really far behind. Don’t make me wait.”

The party of four quickly went into the restaurant, with the suggestion from Azzarius that they should go in as early as possible. “The best deals are at this time when there are less people,” said Azzarius.
“This place is a dump. What are we even doing here?” complained Isaac.
Sin tried to ignore Isaac’s statement, although he knew it was dearly true. The outside looked like it would fall apart. The signage was at least twenty years old. It smelled like a garbage dump. “Azzarius, I’d like to ask you a question about the job you accepted from NeoCorp,” explained Sin.
“All right. Shoot,” said Ganzicus.
“What was the name of the girl you were looking for? Why are you looking for her?” questioned Sin.
“The name of the girl,” said Azzarius, leaning forward, “Is Maila. To tell you the truth, I was tricked into killing her parents.” Now he was whispering. “I want to explain what happened to her and help her. I’m only taking this task so I can find Maila sooner. What I think I’ll do is take care of her.”
Believing his statement, Isaac, with one hand around Maila, cautiously said, “To tell you the truth, this girl here is Maila.”
“I know.”

Right now, I have no idea how long this one is going to turn out, but I’m pretty sure it’s pretty short. Well, it’s shorter than the suggestion given to me by Ganzicus. Please leave a comment. I was writing poorly like a 4th grader yesterday, so some parts may be worse than others.


Due to possible lawsuit, Ganzicus has now been renamed Azzarius.

If you would like to have a character in one of my episodes, please post the information needed at my blog called [LordIsaac Maple Adventures Episode 0]. If you want a long term character, it will take longer for it to be placed within my stories. If you don’t mind, it will probably be defaulted as a short term character, whom may or may not die, but will eventually be of no importance to the storyline.

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