OMIGAWSH. I just noticed >_>

I was reading some guides about luckless mages on Basilmarket just now, after years of not being on Basil.

Then I looked up and saw the Basil logo-thingy, whatever you call it.

[Pssst… look at picture nao XD]

I know it’s prolly not me anyway, since there’s sure to be more than one character with that look, but hey, I just feel a teeny weeny bit special. =D

For some reason my first edit wasn’t captured.
Anyway! I realised it was a scripted window, thanks to Ganzicus and the logout button.
Sooooo. >_> <_<
ZynGal no0bz! XD

10 thoughts on “OMIGAWSH. I just noticed >_>”

  1. The banner is scripted so that your main character appears next to the BasilTyrant. Only you will see it

  2. I did the same thing, I was thinking OH YEAH GO ME OUT OF EVERYONE HERE HE CHOOSE ME TO BE NEXT TO HIM!

  3. LOL
    this is kinda dump sorry to say it ,
    but anyway why you go to bazil it “stinks” there
    its much better here !

  4. Haha. Now everyone knows how long I haven’t been around. I went to basil cos I was linked there by Google.

    And I can’t help coming back to MMOT cos of the community =D

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