Tensions arise

The competitive nature has gotten to us all. I’m pretty sure its not just me now, its every one of us. I got angry when my friend didn’t congratulate me on leveling up, and when she went AFK and started leeching off my EXP, I CCed. I usually do not do this, but I was so short tempered today! I didn’t have any outbursts but inside I was writhing with annoyance. My friend who’s with me all the time is being so.. jerky. I know thats not really a word but I can’t describe it any other way! Urgh, I’m so mad for having such bad feelings, when I should be happy. I feel gross. No one called me my righteous name today. StellaStellaStellaStellaStellaStella. For all my friends who are reading this, its Stella.


2 thoughts on “Tensions arise”

  1. aw, I remember being like that too,
    It’s really frustrating when you’re like, more then 80% and you finally have the motivation to lvl and REALLY want to lvl, but your friends go AFK,
    Congrats in lvling Stella

    – VanillaPocki –

  2. ya i feel tense when i get a voodoo or FOG map. ppl are always droppijg in. some of them pop a few monsters before leaving but it just feels like they are out to steal my map -_-

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