Another day in Maple.

So it was another day. Aside from the fact I got another $50 of NX. That makes like a million dollars spent now?

Anyway, I log in, around 7 PM, PST or so. I’m back at the Wyvern Canyon map, where I’d last logged after raising my Bahamut cap to 15. Bored, I go to the lowermost platform in the map and Gen-spam the Dark Wyvern mob. A Dragon Heart drops, –Did I tell you how hard it was to find even one?– so I think of it being lucky.

I get messaged by a Basil-Trader. I get my Dark Neli Shoes, (Finally!), and pay an extra 10k since the guy actually took the time to track me himself, instead of the other way around. My new shoes give me another +1 to my Int, making it now +24, I think. Kinda sad…

So now I’m bored again. I really don’t feel like walking all the way back to Wyverns, so I decide to hunt something else: Red Kentaurus. I, being the kind of guy who dislikes loneliness, ask around the Buddy List for some company. In response, a White Knight friend of mine, (whom I passed due to his being hacked for some time), decides to join me, but doesn’t seem to be in Leafre. So I go ahead and solo for some time.

I’m solo-ing again, ‘Battlefield of Fire and Darkness’ map, using those handy-dandy platforms as a sniping spot for my Genesis… And a Kage drops. Yeah. When I’m least expecting it. Turned out to be a 102 magic attack, (that’s 2 attack above!). Good luck, it seems to be…

My friend arrives, and we split the map, with me taking the bottom and Dark Kentaurus side, and he taking the upper Red Kentaurus side. It’s calm; at least, for awhile. 8:30 PM comes around.

A bombshell drops: Guess what it was? A bunch of idiot hackers crashing the Forte Run that was scheduled for 8:30. Guild-Chat becomes erratic and violent. I continue the training. 9:00 rolls around, and the commotion is still in cycle. The hackers eventually leave, but it is already about 9:20. 40minutes before the patch/server check comes around.

My friend finds a 5int Dark Galaxy. Easy 1m right there, huh? It’s 9:30.

9:40 now. This time, I lure to the left platform. My friend comes down from his higher platform and joins in the massacre. He manages to kill one as I’m casting my first Genesis. What drops makes my heart stop: Blue Marine.

The Blue Marine. Level 100 Staff. Used to make level 110 Dragon Staff. Drops. On the platform just above me. From a Kentaurus my friend killed. Dropped. Out of nowhere. Insane.

It was… dramatic.

We jump down and regroup on the platform on which I’m standing.. I start spamming “OMG!”

I am shocked at the appearance. Absolutely, positively shocked. But…

I’m glad I have friends.

He stuck to our earlier agreement of drop splitting, and gave me the Marine. Although I didn’t need to, I gave him the Kage I found earlier.

It feels just like when I found the Evil Wing so long ago from a random Werewolf, while walking to Zombies…

I am… drowning in a sea of ecstasy. Drunk… from the rush of adrenaline. Giddy… from my euphoria.

113 Blue Marine, dropped from a Red Kentaurus. Today would mark the first day I spent on MS hunting there. Without Double Drops.

We continue the hunt, but stop after 9:50, for we both had other matters to attend to. I go back to town, and announce to my Buddy List and Guild of my achievement, sort of. I give credit to my friend, of course, above all praises. And I log off after bidding the good nights.

-Blog finished, 11:47 PM, PST.

P.S. Thanks, Mike, for item-hunting with me today at the Kentaurus. And thanks for giving me the Marine!
P.S.S. No Screen-Shots, I’m sorry to say. If you want to see the Marine, check the rankings for my character.

~Good day to you all.

6 thoughts on “Another day in Maple.”

  1. Hm. . .what’s been my best drop? An Esther shield. D

    I nearly fell off my chair when I saw it.

  2. “I am, drowning in a sea of ecstasy. Drunk, from the rush of adrenaline. Giddy, from my euphoria.”
    sorry, that made me giggle, ahahaha, you’re overreacting!
    actually no, it’s not, it’s The Blue Marine as you said XD
    Lucky you! I wish i could start playing again, i miss all these random surprises that makes our days, lol

    – VanillaPocki –

  3. Awesome. Maybe the Nexon guys rigged it so that every time you spend fifty bucks you get great drops.

  4. This reminds me.

    There was a guildmember of mine that got TWO Marines from Kentas.

    One of them got scammed away by this person pretending to be our guild leader.

    We couldn’t scold him enough for being stupid. =.=

  5. I was about to say that silver
    aniway he’s hunting for another one these days
    oh and he got 2 in under a week.

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