Hello Maplers.

Hello just on here to get some people to talk to maybe someone will talk I dunno maybe but anyways… I had a LVL 38 I/L Mage but I havent played in almost a year and I can’t remember my Password and I also forgot the Email address I used so yeah that sux…. but really it dont matter because the dang computer I’m useing has Dial-up (Friends Computer). But when I get a LapTop I will get back online and LVL up just as fast if not faster than I did on my last account. I LVLed up from LV.12 to LV.38 with-in a 7 hour time period…. Well anywho someone please talk I’m BOOOOOOOOOORED!!!! (>.&lt

8 thoughts on “Hello Maplers.”

  1. Welcome to MMOT! It’s a crazy place here, so get used to it! Also, might wanna make your blogs longer, otherwise Mip (the mod) might delete your blog. Also, literacy is appreciated!

  2. Remember that MMOT stands for Mental Monsters of Terrorism! Osama bin Laden came here once. I think he used the name “captain”. Is that right?

    Then we kicked him out. Cuz he wasn’t sufficient enough. Guess he got angry. o_O

  3. No. I meant sufficient. He wasn’t good enough. Efficient means like if he wasn’t performing the best. o_O

  4. Welcome back!
    I just got back too, ahahaha
    I haven’t played in almost a year, my comps busted and I just can’t seem to get it fixed T__T

    – VanillaPocki –

  5. lol i think ipods right yhe mods are dangerous son
    no just kitting but make longer blogs and spice em up a bit ,
    this was kinda boring [i do less blogs (1 up to date) cous im not sure im good at writing interesting blog ]
    but anyway welcome to mmot !

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