Glass shoes and whatnot

Okay, so after I waited for who knows how long for the patch to finish (I know that most of you people probably patched ages ago) I decided to go on…but then….it worked. So I went on and lvled my bandit-to-be to lvl 26…4 more lvls….
Anyways, pictures.

Picture numbah one
I was waiting for Kerning PQ, so I went to the swamp…found out that they rearranged thingies…and……that ligators drop glass shoes, as I kindly point out in the picture. I started talking to my guildmate and she decided to come over and check it out…by the time she came, I found 4 more. So then I started thinking that something was wrong…then she killed a couple gators and found two more…then we got bored and left…

Picture numbah two
One example of how competitive Maplestory is getting. I was looking for the Falling Down map when I came across this Bandit doing around 800 damage with savage blow. 800 damage…then she started commenting that my damage sucked…then she started boasting about all the items that she had or used to have…later it turned out that she was using a 66 attack k-fan with something like a 8 attack work glove. Anyways, she decided to party me and we started messing around.

Which leads to…Picture numbah three
After me and said bragging bandit got bored of killing octos in the Falling Down map, we decided to see if we could kill golems. So off we went to Henesys. Along the way, I noticed that my max health is 666, which might be a bad sign…anyways, once we got to Henesys, she was all like “Let me try to solo one first!”…Too late, I already was jumping around and hitting 1’s…then she came and savaged them to death! For each one that she killed, I got like 70 exp…it was interesting…

Picture numbah four
This picture was actually sent to me from my friend. Turns out that he was training at Sakura Cellions in Amoria when another sin came and started begging him if she could just “borrow” one set of ilbis to “test” out her damage…she even offered to let him hold on to a dark identity…turns out that in the end, my friend said that he would lend it to her for a 15 mil deposit and the dark identity…then she walked away…lol

Anyways, I plan to get my 2nd job advancement by next week or something so that I can use my k-fan that my friend gave me. So, goodbye, I’m off to go lvl through Kerning PQ.


10 thoughts on “Glass shoes and whatnot”

  1. ROFL i got ;like 15 sets too and iw as liek what!? but they werent arwens shoes. . .D; theyre probably some kidn of fairy prostitutes or sumthin

    and LOL at hte scammer


  2. Yeah, fairies are being violated throughout the place so they leave their shoes to the pimps that killed them

  3. dee32693 said: “ROFL i got ;like 15 sets too and iw as liek what!? but they werent arwens shoes. . .D; theyre probably some kidn of fairy prostitutes or sumthin

    and LOL at hte scammer


    if only they were arwens shoes, if only they were,
    lol, a a fairy prostitute


  4. AzNxKnife said: “Why is the Holy Water in the etc. inventory?”

    oh, that isn’t a holy water, its some some quest item


  5. “what do you think i am?! an idiot!?, “
    “a pro”
    sorry, i just, laughed, that is just, HILARIOUS! honestly, no one ever said that to me, ahahaha.
    Good Luck with your second job

    – VanillaPocki –

  6. lol i quit maple without finishing erwen shoe quist and i thought like wow maybe i should come back and finish it
    but know i know ill never finish that quist ,

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