ummmm hi ?

hear me hear me its the donts
this is my official first blog as my real one was dramaticly deleted !
(sobs) *sobs* sobs <sobs> etc …

now lets make this mmo related !

i left maple …
and started gunz so bye donts and donts 2 (my maple guys)
and hallo donts ! (my gunz dude)
im very creative when it comes to names aint i ? (my children donts and dontsy lol … jk)
so im new on gunz and im only lvl 6
but anyway im gonna play gunz only till i get swg ! (star wars galexies)
oh and dont worry ill play the emulated servers of emu !!!!
AND NOT ON THE RUBISH SOE MADE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry i got angry.

well i hope you like this blog and hopfully it wount get deleted …
im putting this on maple cous i think it will get famous there or at least more people will see it …
futere blogs will be swg or gunz so bye …

if any spelling mistakes were done (wich im 99.99% sure i did) then you should know im 50% isreali (the other 50% american) with hebrew as my first language




ok ill stop

15 thoughts on “ummmm hi ?”

  1. dont post welcome to mmo tales cous im not new my first blog was deleted and i didnt come to mmot for some time but im not new !

  2. hi lol i added you to my freinds list while reading in anotherblog (the one when you tried to guess how to prenounce the name)
    so add me too

  3. Hello, thar.
    I r guo, and I play GunZ too. . . a little. . .
    Which version do you play on, since there’s like 9 different ones out there o.O
    Add me to your friend’s list if you play the one from ijji =P

  4. I play the one on ijji. Although I don’t play anymore, cause I don’t have time and I got bored. I don’t think I remember how to play efficiently now.

  5. hi funny baecome my freind plz oh and guosim i play ijji
    but you must prove you have a easy name to right or you will need to become my freind oh and froggy ill be glad to play with you and i could “train you ,

  6. hi wolf i just checked your oldest blogs wich is weird cous you got like 140 (?) blogs
    and your my freind ,

  7. im spaming my blog !
    help me people or i will defame you !
    jk i left but i didnt uninstall so beware my evel self !
    * backgroung screams )

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