MapleSAP Special: Magicians03

Special: Magicians
Part 3: Magic Security

As history shows, the Innisfailean magicians have had to fight to defend themselves from many enemies whom threatened their existence.
In the middle ages, the magicians were forced to fight the Shareneians in a series of bloody wars spanning a period of 250 years. They were forced to fight the Angel invadors and the hordes of Balrogs whom threatened to destroy Ellinia.
From the 1700’s on, the magicians had to fight the Justice Arrow, and in the Maple War, they fought off the Sino Army.

At present, magicians have numerous enemies who would threaten to attack if Ellinia wasn’t as well guarded as it is today. The Justice Arrow maintains ongoing operations against magicians throughout Victoria, and would be more than happy to see the city of Ellinia burn.

Today, the city is guarded by a 5000+ member force called the Cor Caomhnoir Asarli or the CCA. The CCA is Ellinia’s security and police force dedicated to protecting the region and its population. The CCA employs thousands of high level magicians who guard the city 24/7 on rotating shifts. The CCA’s top and most brutal archmages have demonstrated their powers again and again, and work as a powerful deterrent. The CCA’s show of force deterrs a would be enemy such as the Justice Arrow from attacking. The theory behind this is mutually assured destruction; Should the enemy attack Ellinia or any other major magician town, the CCA will deliver an equal or greater blow to the enemy. The archmages who are level 175 or higher are capable of destroying entire villages in short time.

The magicians continually show their force in southeast Victoria in an area called Ciemoor which lies between the borders of Ellinia and Henesys territories. Here, archmages exercise their fearsome powers, levelling trees and mock buildings in test runs, showing off their power again and again to the JA.
The Justice Arrow’s leaders have talked in the past about a war on the magicians; should this happen, the elite members of the CCA are prepared to obliterate Henesys, along with its population as a last resort.

Over the years, the CCA conducts tests of power among its soldiers at various points in eastern Victoria.
The magicians not only hone their elemental skills, but also developed secondary magic weapons.
One such weapon, known as a firebomb is the scariest weapon produced by the FP archmages.
The first firebomb was detonated over the sea. The fireball expanded until it was 3.1 miles accross. An old Innisfalean ship which was moored to the old seaport for centuries, was also used in the firebomb test. The searing hot fireball literall caused the ship to explode into flaming pieces during the test. The firebomb is the CCA’s version of the new massive arrowbombs bow masters produced in 1987.

The ice archmages have also built their own line of deadly weapons.
Known as the Zero, this bomb doesn’t release energy, but absorbs it. After the ice-coated ball explodes, a magic powered chemical reaction goes off, causing the weapon to absorb heat (and produce cold). As the weapon collects heat, temperatures within 60-100 feet drop to over a hundred below zero. The most successful Zero, tested in 2001 on the coast of Victoria plunged temperatures to minus 200*C. At this temperature, the air we breathe quickly changes to liquid producing a vacuum pocket and furious winds. The water became solid rock ice, showered by a rain of lethal liquid nitrogen and oxygen. Other gases will condense into supercooled liquids and rain down and solidify on the frozen ground. Caught within the blast of a Zero, one will no longer breathe and will die of hypoxia (altitude or thin-air sickness), and hypothermia within seconds. Animals and fish caught in the blast area suffered a nasty death- Having been suddenly frozen in a split second, every cell in a body shatters as the water in the cells expand, causing the cell to exlode. Hemorhage was all that was left of the marine life in the test site.

Lightning mages have also found ways to destroy a human system with their power. An electrical overload causes brain death, and total neural failure, killing the victim.

The politcal landscape in Victoria, including intervention from the Maple capital, Orbis has also kept Henesys and Ellinia at bay and prevented them from fighting eachother. But as the JA becomes increasingly agressive, experts warn it is only a matter of time before the two cities take their forces and got at it.

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  1. In 2004, the Fire Archmages of the Ossyrian Alliance, a paramilitary organisation, initiated Project Wildfire, designed as a deterrent to the public show of force by the CCA Archmages. It was tested at a very tense time as ongoing political propaganda was wide spread through out the stressed population centres. The designs of the weapon have be kept private although CCA observers have been able to deduce that the bomb, under the OA’s designated name “Hellfire”, is a three stage thermal bomb with a yield of about 50 megatons. Details are sketchy but CCA believe such potential requires a high-focus fisson primary compressing a mana secondary, the power of which is used to compress an additional, much larger mana stage. Approximately 97% of the energy released was based on the mana alone, making it one of the most ‘cleanest’ devices to be created.

    “Hellfire” was detonated on a desolate island 1000km away from El Nath. Detonated at an altitude 4000m, the fireball touched the ground, reaching nearly 5000m into the sky with the explosion felt and heard from coastal villages in El Nath, even breaking windows there. The pure heat from the explosion would have caused third degree burns as far away as 100km from Ground Zero. The radii of the fireball was 4.6km but the blast effects would have extended many times past the fireball itself. Long range scanners, activated after the explosion died down, revealed that the island ceased to exist.


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