Since there isn’t a Rakion category, I’m putting this under Gunbound. Rakion isn’t even technically a MMO, for reasons I don’t exactly understand, but it’s still a multiplayer online game. And that’s good enough for me. If it isn’t good for you, go be emo in Underground Altar or something.

Anyway, onto the blog.

Nexon is to MS/Mabinogi as Softnyx is to Gunbound/Rakion.

So I shall proceed to… talk about Softnyx.

1) Grammar

That’s right – whenever you talk about a Korean game company, the first thing you absolutely must do is pick on their grammar. Right?
…okay, maybe not, but I’m going to anyway.

Softnyx said: “Extream Action RAKION
Battle where enemies and allies can’t be distinguished..
Extravagant Art of sowrd collide with mystic Magic!!!
Only thing that protect yourself from the sharp edges of the battle is only a sword.
The one that trust in his own self and the sword he carries will dominate the enemy and achieve victory.
Don’t be distracted even for a second! Sharp edge of enemy’s sword is aimed toward your heart!

Extreme striking sensation that controls all of your senses – R.A.K.I.O.N
Experience the New World Now!

Yours Sincerely, Softnyx co. Ltd.”

Three words: see for yourself.

What gets me is that they misspell a word (namely, sowrd and extream) and then go on to spell the same word correctly later.

The grammar in-game is a little bit better, but some of the in-game notices have… strange wording (I have a hunch that they would be correct Korean syntax).

As for Nexon’s grammar…

Nexon said: “Nexon Game Cards are now available in 7-Eleven, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Future Shop across Canada! In the U.S., check out Target, CVS, Rite Aid, Best Buy, Duane Reade, and 7-Eleven for your Nexon Game Cards!”

No way, Nexon actually did something correctly?
Well, it is Nexon America we’re talking about here. They have plenty of native English speakers working for them, right?

2) Bugs and Hackers

Oh boy.

I’ve never played Gunbound, but Rakion is FULL of glitches and the like. It’s also full of hackers. Softnyx does next to nothing about hackers, at least in my knowledge; it just lets us rely on the kick system to boot them from games. Whee.
At the very least, the kick system does get rid of them (though some hackers have anti-kick). It isn’t perfect though – sometimes the hacker IS the game master, and sometimes the hacker is on the game master’s team and the master chooses to take advantage of it for free EXP, money, and wins.
Overall though, hackers have less of a negative effect on a game like Rakion in the first place, since you can just leave and join/make another game if you must.

3) Promises?

Recently I received this email from Softnyx.
Remind you of anything of Nexon’s? Oh yeah… this.

Though they’re about different issues, the basic idea is strikingly similar. Isn’t it?

Now, I’m sincerely hoping that Softnyx actually does do something about this, as that would put it much further than Nexon (who after three weeks still haven’t offered any compensation…) in my eyes.

4) Website URL

This isn’t really an issue, but just something I found slightly amusing.

MapleStory’s website is <>
Rakion’s website is <>


5) Events

This is Rakion’s newest event:

Softnyx said: “Hi, this is Rakion team

1. Experience event
We will give extra 20% experience during peak times

A. Africa, Arab 2:00~ 6:00 (GMT+9)
B. Australia 12:00~16:00 (GMT+9)
C. China/Taiwain/HK 16:00~20:00 (GMT+9)
D. Europe 00:00~04:00 (GMT+9)
E. South America 04:00~08:00 (GMT+9)
F. Korea 15:00~19:00 (GMT+9)
G. Vietnam 17:00~ 21:00 (GMT+9)
H. Japan 21:00~tomorrow 01:00 (GMT+9)
I. India 17:00 ~21:00 (GMT+9)
J. Reserved 17:00~21:00
K. Other 15:00~19:00 (GMT+9)
L. Canada/USA 07:00~11:00 (GMT+9)

2. Award event

Present will be given randomly with Potion, accessories, creature, enchant item. We will award who is logged in below time on world server, so please don’t loss it!

A. Africa, Arab 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 (GMT+9)
B. Australia 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00 (GMT+9)
C. China/Taiwan/HK 17:00, 18:00, 19:00, 20:00 (GMT+9)
D. Europe 01:00, 02:00, 03:00, 04:00 (GMT+9)
E. South America 05:00, 06:00, 07:00, 08:00 (GMT+9)
F. Korea 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00 (GMT+9)
G. Vietnam 18:00, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00 (GMT+9)
H. Japan 22:00, 23:00 , 24:00, 01:00 (GMT+9)
I. India 17:00 ~21:00 (GMT+9)
J. Reserved 18:00, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00 (GMT+9)
K. Other 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00 (GMT+9)
L. Canada/USA 08:00, 09:00, 10:00, 11:00 (GMT+9)

We plan to prepare brand new event continuously and we will try our best for joyful event!

Thank your


Softnyx Co., Ltd”

(Yay, more bad grammar!)

The thing about this event is that the awards are given to everyone, and they are RANDOM items – including Power User items (which you can only buy if you’re a Power User, which you pay real money for) and I believe Cash items too. Some of them are trash, but some are actually pretty nice.

What’s the closest Nexon has gone to giving out free cash?

The allowance thing? Even if you logged in every day, you would barely get enough to buy one cheap item.
They had a few contests that gave Maple Point awards. Contests that… 20 people won, out of several million players.

So that is something Softnyx wins, even if most of the prize stuff is junk.

6) Pure awesomeness

MapleStory is a great insomnia cure. If I can’t sleep, I can log onto MS, and I’ll want to go to bed after just a few minutes of monotonous grinding.
Rakion is a great coffee substitute. I’ve stayed up till 7 AM playing Rakion without a drop of caffeine. I ended up sleeping till 2-3 in the afternoon, though.

7) PC

Rakion is racist, sexist, and every other -ist out there.

Except for equips, all swordsmen look the same.
So do all blacksmiths (who are extremely fat), all archers (who are all white, blonde, and female), all ninjas (also all female, but they have short hair so if you ignore the boobs it’s less obvious), and all mages (aka midgets).

8) What’s with the company names?


Is X a popular letter or something?

9) Storyline? What’s a storyline?

Softnyx said: “Once upon a time, there was a time when monsters ruled over the world and human
beings were merely a small community. White Dragons, the king of the monsters,
worried about the world becoming deserted and despaired due to the exceeding
number of monsters. Therefore, they kept the balance between the monsters by
waking up from their hibernation and eliminating any monster species that threatened to
take over the world by overpopulating themselves.

However, one day, humans tried to take over the world by learning and training
themselves with higher level of knowledge and magic than the monsters. The White
Dragons started to wake up from their hibernation slowly, and the King of the humans,
Zadro, tried to make truce with the White Dragons, but realized that it was out of his
abilities to do so. Therefore Zadro tried to slow, or even to stop the attacks from the
Dragons by actually going to their castle. The White Dragons watched the humans in
interest because unlike monsters, they tried to reach an agreement through
compromising, and they had the bravery that risked even their own lives.

Finally the White Dragons decided to give the humans another 500 years and went back
to hibernation. The leaders of the Dragons transformed their form of life to something
else and soared into the sky with traces of glitter behind them. The remaining White
Dragons told Zadro: ‘The leaders are always connected with this world, but will only
watch and never come back on their own will. They will certainly keep their promise, but
can you? Our waiting may bear a disaster, not mercy.’

Zadro announced this to all humans but the tales of the white dragon faded from
everyone’s mind even before two centuries had passed.”

This is about all we ever get to know about why we slaughter each other for kills all day.

It makes even less sense than MapleStory, if that’s at all possible

10) Summary

In this day and age, where Nexon’s games are becoming ever more popular, and Rakion is all but dead…
Does Softnyx suck? In some aspects, yes.
Does it suck more than Nexon? Subjective, but I wouldn’t say so. It does do some things right, after all.
Is Rakion worth playing? Most people seem to think no nowadays.
…but I like it 😡

‘n yeah. Pointless blog. My main point in all this was really just (1), which was the grammar but one thing kinda lead to another.

The sky fades from russet as I conclude.

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  1. Lawls. The grammar is horrendous. >.> Reminds me of the random stuff I used to read off packages from China. :X

  2. Nassanei said: “Don’t forget about Square Enix!


    That’s the one that makes the Final Fantasy’s right?

  3. i think maplestorys story makes good enough sense for a 2d game

    u ran away from home to strike out on ur own. u kill monsters so u can become cool.

    what i dont get, is why Mom and Dad will help u with getting married now?! XD


  4. SilverFx said: “Lawls. The grammar is horrendous. >.> Reminds me of the random stuff I used to read off packages from China. :X”

    I heard that some people even buy foreign blenders – Chinese, Japanese, whatev – just to read the funny English labels.

  5. It is? o.o
    You lie, Nazgul!
    (Unless you elaborate on what you believe to be ‘uber awesome’ so that I can provide MMO with more of it -hint hint-)

  6. Oh yeah, that reminds me. Check out the latest announcement.

    Softnyx said: “Hi, This is Rakion team.

    We will have temporay maintence today.
    Sorry for late announcement for event.


    2008/4/30 PM 3 ~ PM 5 (about 2hours)


    1. Rakion spring event
    2. Launcher security program update.
    3. Softnyx all server maintenance.
    4. Un normal disconnection error fixed.
    5. Luck bomb renewel opened.

    Thank you for waiting our new event!. We will open new event today
    and detail notice will be posted on event detail page.

    Please enjoy new event!

    Thank you


    Softnyx Co., LTd.”

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