[Z-Comics] The power of Trinity!

Yo! Zhlink back after a long period of absence!

To spice up this blog, and going with what Dee said, here’s a nice video!


During this looong period of Massive AFK-ness, I present to you a comic.

It was a few months old actually, but I decided to finish it up a few days ago. Lazy me. >.>

Here iz teh comic!

That’s all, just to let you guys know i haven’t forgotten about MMOTales completely.

Sad to say, Zhlon’s almost *Pfffflt* about this place.

Let’s have a minute’s silence for her leaving MMOTales.

Oh well.
Tis is Zhlink, signing off!
P.S: I swear, this blog feels too. . . Empty.

8 thoughts on “[Z-Comics] The power of Trinity!”

  1. Zhlink said: “Let’s have a minute’s silence for her leaving MMOTales.”

    You’re a girl?

  2. Woah!
    There was a Zhlon AND a Zhlink?!
    I always thought you guys were the same person ._.

  3. Nice comic! You’re awesome at drawing!
    Wow, that video was hilarious! I have the actual song though so that’s why it cracked me up so much!

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