MMOTales 2nd year Anniversary

Well everyone, MMOTales enters its second year alive.

And remember the last blog congratulating MMOTales on its birthday? Yah, that one was actually in paragraph fom. Unfortunately, my writing skills has since depleted, and now I’m left with double spacing

So yeah, last year, we were devastated with the loss of many MMOTers who thankfully returned to MMOT to enlighten us with their time off. We also happened to enter the Muffin and Waffle craze that swept the Interwebz by storm.

This year, we’ve been hit with the Super Smash Brothers Brawl crave, and Mabinogi turning into a new addiction. But, we have also been hit with the loss of Mipsacri. But, she returned months later, her mod powers gone. MMOT has somehow managed to stay afloat without a Mod to supervise. Let’s hope that we can make it past Year 2.

Many have been Rickrolled, many have been duckrolled. But everyday, the users of MMOT have always been MMOTrolled.

MMOTrolled, you say?

What’s that?

Well, I’ll show you.

Well, that wraps up this super short birthday blog. Come on everyone, let’s celebrate like crazy animal people!

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30 thoughts on “MMOTales 2nd year Anniversary”

  1. Wait, it’s today? Yay!


    Edit: Wait, Mabinogi was added after Mip quit. Who’s running this thing for real?

  2. Yup. Today’s the day.

    Heck, all those who leave would come back, for a period of time or so.

  3. EonaGM said: “Just wondering,if there aint a mod around,
    WHO excally is running this place? 0_o”

    MMOTales doesn’t need a mod regardless. We’re being self runned with Captain’s help for paying for this site. That’s all.

  4. EonaGM said: “Just wondering,if there aint a mod around,
    WHO excally is running this place? 0_o”

    MMOTales is pretty much an aranrchy

  5. I lurked here for 1 and a half years before finally emerging!?!?

    Where’s da c0m1x Dest, j00 ho4r!

  6. I used to like those cheap plastic clicky ball party favors that kids used to choke on from goody bags that we got in elementary school.

  7. Wow, I’ve been here for a long time!
    Happy Birthday MMOTales!
    Lol, this place is like my paradise!
    Hooray for blogs!

    ~LaZzz. . .

  8. RussetAure said: “Actually, it depends on your timezone. MMO Tales was created on April 28, 2006.”

    Hey, that’s my bro’s birthday

  9. Twenty-two likes? I didn’t even know there were that much people left on the site.

  10. Cool Dest, wish I could be on more. The laptop got messed up so I don’t have access to a computer. =(

  11. So there’s basically only 26 people left on this site? Shoot. :

    Ah well. . . good luck guys. ^^ Down with MS btw, Nexon treats the environment + ecosystems badly.

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