Hi, Doraemon is the best cartoon series in the world.

I grew up watching this cartoon, pretty much played a role in my childhood. If there would be accessories sold in Taiwan of Doraemon themes; I’d totally buy it. For reals.

Oh the picture. I drew that
Took me an hour lol


Just to let you know, I was trying to draw humanistic features on Doraemon. Lol

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  1. OMG I still have my doraemon comics from chapters 1-41 (including the full book ones)
    I stopped reading them cos they’re kinda childish for me, and I also read the comics over and over again for hundreds of times

    My Doraemon comics are something that makes me reminiscent of my childhood. .
    I got them from my grandfather, who brought them for me in Vietnam, and now that he’s dead. . It is all that I can have to remember him.

  2. ._. Sorry ’bout that, Quack.

    I’ve never actually read Doraemon, but I know that he/she?’s extremely popular.


  3. I grew up with Doraemon too, one time I went back to Taiwan and they were selling like, Doraemon cell phone charms or something in this one store. It was awesome.

  4. zomg. I’ve always watched Doraemon whenever I visited Taiwan. That and Crayon Shin Chan. Funny stuff there . . .


    I watched it in Korean when I was young, then I saw it start again in Adult Swim.

    Good times.


  6. Although, I don’t remember Doraemon being that . . . scary looking. lol

  7. Doraemon by Evilstranger-
    “Distorted and horrifying” o_o

    It sure made me think “whattheff”

  8. Man, I loved Doraemon growing up. Watching it in Hong Kong and Japan. . . good times. I even made a Doraemon out of folded triangles. *took years*

  9. I still have a doreamon PS1 Game =D, i think. Such a good show. Next to Invader Zim that is!


    (at gujju)


  11. lol. . .
    -puts up fire retardent and retardent in general shield-

  12. I grew up with it too, I have a Doraemon movie. He’s like taking this huge video game box thing from his pouch.

  13. Doraemon, or also known as “Ding-Dong” ish a robotic cat that’s the companion of some kid.

    Btw, he can pull all this stuff such as fridges (Don’t ask how) and all these other magic stuff outta his pouch o:

    I want one D:

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