Good Old Times.

Oh sweet memories,
their value worth more then gold.
First Andromeda,then Incendiary.
All the fella g.mates we have.
The fun and laughter and jokes we make.
Then some quited,some went busy.
Some left,some went cabal.

But dispite the sad fact that we are slowly fading away,
The memories we make,the times we had,
Will never fade away.

<3 Incendiary

So,those in cabal better come back before it’s gone.

7 thoughts on “Good Old Times.”

  1. Well,4 of my nuts went cabal.
    One quited maple.
    hmm, recruiting new members now.

  2. And such is the way of the maplestory life,
    of hackers, of scammers, of husbands and wives.
    Every ally becomes an enemy
    maple is corrupted, can’t you see?
    Your friends, party, guild, spouse,
    destroy you like a cat on a mouse
    It is such that I had failed to see until
    after, I left, but still,
    A yearning, a drug, and addiction to feed,
    to find those lost old times, the need,
    A curse to you, maplestory
    for shall fall from thy glory.

  3. Lol, I find it hilarious how you can read almost all of this blog just by glancing at the front page! XD

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