Apostle’s Creed; Chapter Two

I said I was going to release next chapter next week, but I was eager to write, and ideas came quick, lots of people liked, so here’s chapter 2!


BONUS! (Parody)

ALAN CRYO: “Hey Shura, can you describe this guy other than, ‘the one who took everything from us’?”

SHURA PAINT: “It’s not easy, but let me try.”

SHURA PAINT: “Ahem, he’s a ‘pedophiliac pyromaniac’.”

CHARLES OCTAVIUS: “No I’m not, I just like fire and children! F5!”

CRYO/SHURA: O__o wthh4x0rz?!

Lol Randomness! something disturbing that went on my mind

Apostle’s Creed Chapter Two: Two Avengers

2020, April 27th
Location: Destroyed Citadel of El Nath

The smoking fumes of the shattered ruins only seemed to aggravate the infected ones. The sanguine garnet shines radiantly forever in the sky, painting the sky scarlet. And according to knowledge, only three people, out of the massive population of twelve million that inhabits the metropolis, are alive under this cruel, El Nathian sun.

Cryo’s mind and body froze over. So that bas**** was in charge of this terror plot. Fierce, spiky ash hair, mahogany trench coat, and a strange looking weapon were the details most noticeable. There were dark rings around his bloodshot eyes and a wry grin that assured Cryo Octavius was one messed up piece of ****.

“Oh? Is that you, little princess? You’ve managed to change a lot in three years, back then, you were just a hindrance and a crybaby. Now you’re one of the most elite of the defiant rebels. What could’ve motivated you so much, ‘Master of Traps, Shura Paint’? I’m well informed. You took away thousands of my subordinate’s lives simply with just a few switches on your toy remote.” Octavius spat.

“That’s right, they were stupid as cave crickets, and you are going to die as well. Oh, by the way, watch your mouth, fat-ass. We aren’t rebels, just hope to the poor people you’ve victimized.” Shura growled.

Octavius’ words must’ve disturbed Shura very much. Her deadpan face was replaced with a grin with evidence of uncontrollable rage.

“Ha! I like that face, yes, hate me, go crazy! Yet I like the frightened, mentally disturbed face of yours better,” cooed Octavius, and with ease, he made a tainted grin that matched Shura’s.

Shura suddenly put her mouth to Cryo’s ear, which startled him a bit. Then she began to whisper confidently.

“Cryo, this guy’s a pyromaniac, and obsessed with hunting. He uses a customized flamethrower, and his ammunition should be low because he’s scavenging for refugees. If we use a hide and seek strategy, we easily wipe the floor with him,”

“Yes, I really enjoyed frying up your aunt and uncle, who loved you so much. If only your damned brother and that old bas**** didn’t interfere, I would’ve sold you to the black market or made you my slave. Even though you’ve sharpened your blade and mind, you’re nothing compared to a man who’ve rampantly strolled the war zones for fifteen years!” And with that uproar, a deadly stream of blue plasma fire burst out of his flamethrower fiercely heading for the two.

“Dangerous! Watch out!” Shura screamed and dived for Cryo. Both of them escaped the blast of hellfire, but Cryo could recognize a burn on his savior’s arm. The old car behind them was scorched and messed up badly.

“Shura, are you alright?!” Cryo shook a motionless Shura violently. The reply was a quick, painful slap.

“You really think the elite trap master would become vulnerable because of this tiny burn?! Lets go! We’ll pawn him in the concrete jungle!” With the end of the sentence, Shura took him by the hand and the two ran into Moscow Avenue, which was filled with broken down and deteriorated buildings. A perfect hiding place.

“Shura, are we running away? I’m so glad! You know, I’m really afraid to die,” Cryo sighed, with a true smile of relief.

“Hell no, you coward! We’re going to fight, my way! In this city filled with obstacles and hiding places, this is my playground.”

“EHHH?!” Cryo scowled. He was terrified. Never in his whole life he had been in this situation before. He was ready to pee his pants off. Yet he would never forgive Octavius for destroying his ‘everything’. His mind was in havoc.

“Heh,” Octavius thought. “I’d be going into their trap, obviously. And that kid is never to be underestimated. But guess I can’t help it. My blood to KILL, BURN AND TORMENT!! IS HOWLING INSIDE OF ME!! AHAHAHHAHAH!!” Octavius let out a furious roar. The inhumane voice echoed and reverberated in the city, unbelievable.


Furious explosions could be heard behind and black, suffocating gas was seen in the sky.

“What the hell happened?!” Cryo demanded.

“I set traps near the entrance of the bunker. Explosives. But don’t let your guard down. He wouldn’t die just because of that. He even disabled half of what I originally set. Now the real battle begins.” Her speech was back to half deadpan. Also, infectees were nowhere to be seen, good news.

“Shura! I can’t use this thing! I need a sword! One edged. A long katana would be preferable.” Cryo complained.

“Then use that one over there,” she replied.

Like a miracle, a fine sword was lazily leaning against a building.

“The hell? This is my father’s sword academy, and that’s his sword! We’re already at Murmansk Avenue already?! And why the hell is it outside?” Cryo shouted, confused.

“Who the hell cares, minor details aren’t important. Anyways, throw the trench knife away, I’ve never even used it before.” Shura replied, without thinking.

Cryo did as ordered. He strapped his sword on his back, and continued running. The slushy, melting snow was giving his feet a frostbite, but didn’t slow him down.

(Snow in El Nath does not disappear until Late May or June.)

To clear the silence, he opened his mouth to talk.

“Shura, this guy seems dangerous. Why are you struggling so much to get revenge? Revenge isn’t everything you know. You can recreate your life,” he inquired.

She got angry again.

“Don’t you feel rage, that everything you once knew is now ashes? It haunts me at night! His wicked face and the pain of my loved one’s deaths. I must have revenge, even if I die!” she blurted out.

“Death would mean the end of you! Do you even like fighting?” Cryo sighed, and asked again.

“Course not! I used to play with dolls and have tea parties every Saturday! It’s all for the sake of revenge! I live for that sole purpose! Oops, said something embarrassing!”

Slap. Miss.

Dolls and tea parties eh? So this is how much war and determination can change someone.

“Well Shura, know this. Don’t risk your life too much. You’re unique, and unreplaceable. There’s still a reason for you to live. We have each other, right?” Cryo smiled and comforted her, afraid to let someone die because of their rashness.

“Cryo. . . you. . .”


Slap. She was grinning. But it wasn’t full of twisted hate. It was a grin of amusement. Cryo grinned as well.

“Sorry to break up your moment, but burn in HELL!!”

Octavius caught up. A jet of blue plasma fire evaporated all of the snow in range. This time, they evaded it with ease.

“This way!” she shouted, and dragged Cryo into an aged building. A slab of ice or stone must’ve been hidden in the slush, Cryo tripped and Shura literally dragged him into the building. Inside of the building was fairly large. Atleast more than what Cryo had expected. It must’ve been a casino, there was a bar, scattered cards all over the place, spilled beer, broken glass, and three corpses.

“Oh crap!” yelled Cryo. “We lost track of Octavius!” His face was pale with horror.

“Looking for me?”

One of the bodies slowly stood up. No mistake, it was definately Octavius.

Alan Cryo’s eyes dilated in fear. He wished this was over, for Shura to do something and get them out.

Shura had pokerface on. No telling what she was thinking.

“Release and hold your sword firm, I told you, this is my playground,” she spoke calmly.

“Lucky for you, I only have one shot of fire left, stupid, mindless zombies, curse them!” Octavius cackled, then let the casino on fire.

To be Continued. . .

Next chapter will be mostly action. This was like a transition and drama chapter. Next chapter will be out someday next week. Hope you enjoyed it!

Chapter Three: Imagination the Mind Cannot Comprehend / Rational Counterattack

The battle continues inside the burning bar. Octavius’ mocking continues. Will Cryo be successful getting Shura to abandon her hate and become focused?


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  1. All is good but:
    1) Why does Cyro always uses Shura’s name in ever sentence concerning her? I mean, they’re alone and I don’t think she’ll think Cyro’s talking to the air.
    2) Cryo suddenly seems to understand Shura’s life from just meeting her minutes before. Like, he gives advice as though they were close friends.
    3) Where did Cryo get that trench knife? It’s not mention any time in the chapter until he throws it away.
    4) The change of attitudes is quite. . . disorientating? As in, Cyro’s attitude to Shura changes constantly. And other personality quirks. I can’t explain it without referencing all the conversations so I hope someone else can clear that up.

    On that note, Octavius’ manner is quite consistant during the chapter so good job. I guess if you were focusing on drama you could be partially excused for the above criticism.

    Way to go Russia. Âîéñêà ñïåöèàëüíîãî íàçíà÷åíèÿ!

    [Edit] I can’t believe this site doesn’t accept Russian characters or whatever.

    ~Lily x33.

  2. Thanks for pointing those out! I named the avenues according to cities in Russia.

    1) That’s Cryo’s cliche way of talking.
    2) He gives her advice just because he doesn’t want someone to die of their rashness.
    3) The trench knife is mentioned in the first chapter, at the end part.
    4) Sorry, I think I don’t have enough experience in describing emotions, . . .

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