well, im glad im back to playing maplestory again.after 2 years,things were going fine. i was at ellinia, fighting some treestumps and slimes. but i never got a chance to fight the green mushrooms at the top. i was lv 19 at the time and my sn was “gbone”. i told my friends “hey lets pwn them” and they were happy to help me. so we were killing a bunch of green mushrooms, thanks to my potions that’s keeping me alive. a couple minutes later, we were out of potions (dam). i was getting damaged so bad. my friends were dead and i had no help at all. im screwed.

then….i saw a guy with a viking helmet, a white t-shirt, and a sabre, killing the mushrooms, one hit each. yes!!! i’m saved. i went to the guy to thank him….but when i got there, he was jumping around and crouching like a maniac. i know those kinds of players……strong, but stupid

“thanks” i said……..”YOU’RE WELCOME!!!!!” he said. and he disappeared, i guess he either logged out or used a scroll for another city.

i hope i never meet someone like him again

P.S i could’nt use the screenshot because i forgot to use it…so i made a little reenactment (thanks bannedstory)