TSATOCMI Adventure Uno.

Note: The dialogue is not EXACT, I wrote this as more of a fanfiction than the actual story, but the main storyline was based off an actual adventure by me and my friends.


“What time is it? Who cares? Place? “n00b” Island, and so it begins.” KeaneFan thought as he stretched the green elastic on his body away from a certain area. “Well…can’t ask for much here, but at least some loose pants man!” He walked and talked to a lady who asked if he wanted to learn to play this game, he denies as he travels to the new world he was told about by his friends. “Ok, now let me rephrase that, So here it begins.” He said as he finally was out of those very tight, tights. “Now, where is the others?” KeaneFan walked on through the “n00b” Island until he reached a lady who was holding a nice hat. “Ma’am, how much for that hat there? I am a little…light headed, if you know what I mean.”
The lady stared at the newbie, and then realized that she could use him. “Take this to a man known as Shanks, tell him I sent it to him. The name is Maria, tell him Maria sent it to him. He has another hat, and tell him I said you could have it instead of this one. Also, he shall give you a fruit knife to replace that horrid club of yours. Use it well.” At that moment, KeaneFan ran fast to Shanks in the port and talked to him.
“Well, Maria told you to give me this? And I am supposed to give you this hat and fruit knife?” Shanks asked nicely, “All right then, here you go!” At that Shanks took the water from KeaneFan, and threw a cap on KeaneFan’s head, and handed him a knife used for cutting open fruit. “When you reach Lith Harbor, hopefully you have some friends waiting for you, find them and talk to Olaf. He will help you out.”
“Aw thanks man!” KeaneFan said, he knew that the others were at Lith Harbor waiting for him, and he was glad that he finally had people to talk to again.

“WOOONNNNGGGG” The boat’s horn yelled as it stopped at a new land port. It was Lith Harbor. KeaneFan set off, and became the Rogue Thief he always wanted. And headed back to Lith Harbor to find his friends.

“Finally here…” KeaneFan said as he waved at his friends in the distance. Key2destiny, Xhead062, 1337arr0w, and b2trumpet, his friends he was sad to say beat him to Lith Harbor, fortunately,

Xhead062 [Xhead], b2trumpet [Jack], both Mages from Ellinia.
Key2destiny [pika], the warrior from Perion.
1337arr0w [Max], the bowman from Henesys.
And, KeaneFan [RanDumb], the thief from Kerning City.

Together they will dominate the quests thrown at them, and destroy every enemy as a team.
They will meet foes on their way throughout this journey, but they will also meet friends such as TsukaHaile [DragoonXD], another Mage from Ellinia, and Kuruki [Pomerania], another rogue thief from Kerning City.

But no matter what, they stick together as a team, The Super Awesome Team Of Crescent Moon Island.

-Chapter 1 Part 1//Kerning City Career | Perion Power Choice-

“Yawn….” KeaneFan…yawned, as he walked from his apartment in Kerning City to the streets. “Ow…bright day, blind me why don’t you!?” He yelled to the skies. There he was, in front of the base of Theives. Where his teacher was waiting for him, if only…KeaneFan hadn’t sucked the first 10 levels of his life, he could have became a thief a level earlier, But he now found himself as becoming a level 11 Rogue Theif.

“Hello KeaneFan. I see you have returned to me with the correct abilities at last aye?” Master told KeaneFan, who was sitting down on a close barstool, for the ‘hideout’ was really just a night bar gone unknown. KeaneFan nodded up and down slowly, and Master looked at him and said, “Take this. It will help you on your journey.” At that, Master handed KeaneFan a new weapon, a Triple Tipped Zamadar. KeaneFan knew he was not yet strong enough to use this weapon, but why would Master give it to him? He didn’t know.

“Thank you Master. May I be excused? I have other businesses to attend to.” KeaneFan asked as he stood up and bowed to his teacher.
“Hai. We will meet again my student, I see many things in your future, be careful.” Master finished as he closed his eyes and waved KeaneFan from the room.
“Hai master.” KeaneFan left the broken down bar and found himself in the street again. “Well, maybe key2destiny is back from Perion yet…” At that note, KeaneFan headed to Lith Harbor where he would meet his friends.


“Stupid Indian.” A newbie warrior said as he passed key2destiny out of the Warrior Sanctuary. Key2destiny’s eyes got really big as he now was like ‘ZOMG. What now?…what is this Indian all about?’ So key2destiny was rethinking his actions of becoming a warrior.
“Come to me key2destiny.” Said an unfamiliar voice. “It is I, Dances With Balrog. The warrior instructor. Come here.”

Key2destiny walked inward and saw an elderly man who was fairly dark skinned and wearing an odd headdress. “Hello, I am here to be a warrior!” key2destiny said with happiness running through each syllable.
“Well. Take this sword, and with it battle monsters and protect your friends. That is all I have to say for you. Go!” Dances With Balrog yelled as he threw a sword into key2destiny’s hands. Key2destiny then walked out of the building back to the streets of Perion. “Now, where do you think RD is…probably heading to Lith Harbor like we decided….here we go!” He then also retired and headed towards Lith Harbor.

-Chapter 1 Part 2//The First Meeting | Entrance New Acquaintances-

In Lith Harbor, key2destiny and KeaneFan met up. There they decided that they would team together and fight monsters and help each other pass quests around the area. So, the set off and did so…for a while.

“I’m here!” said an unfamiliar tone, but recognizable language. Xhead062. And key2destiny and KeaneFan knew it. “I’m a MAGE! WHAT?!” said Xhead062 as he swung his wand in the air.
“Yeah we get it Xhead…woohoo.” KeaneFan said as he kept walking past…and another person came.

“Pika! RD! Xhead!” said an archer walking their way. “Its Max!” He yelled with a smile on his face. “I finally got this thing downloaded haha!”
“Awesome that’s great Max!” key2destiny said as he pulled out his sword and slashed a close red snail to shreds.
“Hey Max, glad to see you here, and Xhead as well haha.” KeaneFan said as he threw a star at a shroom as it died. “Maybe we should all team up aye?” KeaneFan asked as he threw another star, which missed a close snail. “Eh…ok well maybe we should start going now…anyone know who else is maybe getting this?”
Key2destiny turned around and said, “Well I think DXD may, I think his name was TsukaHaile already, but hasn’t gotten on in a while…and maybe Pomerania if she gets to it.”
“Ah kewl, maybe we can do a quest together somewhere or something…” KeaneFan suggested as he finally took out that dagger and slashed that snail he missed.

After that they walked towards Henesys, their favorite spot. Henesys Hunting Ground I.
At the time, Fake King Slime was lurking around…the administration was trying to confuse the newbies who hadn’t heard anything about a Fake, just a King Slime…but he only came out every 15 minutes or so.

The team’s focus? Defeat the Fake King Slime, and get as many cakes they could.
As they were focusing on when the Fake would show up…

“Guys! I finally re-installed the game, I am back!” a character known as TsukaHaile walked by with a mage costume on. “Its me, DXD!” He said as he demolished a green slime with a magic claw skill.
“DXD! Awesome, man we are going to OWN everything we do now, its like 6 on 1 for us. We will destroy that Fake King…” KeaneFan yelled as he waited patiently…quietly, as the n00bs walk by with their wooden clubs and red headbands…they knew nothing….

“We should go in waves.” KeaneFan suggested. “That way, if one dies, the others can go in after the cakes. That way, we can get the cakes after so long and just split the winnings ok?” KeaneFan had a little concerned look on his face…his precious EXP will be lost if he died, but he didn’t care now…he wanted to help his friends get those cakes. “I will head in first, my double attack will do wonders for first hits, then if I run out of MP, I will start with my battle ax, and if that fails…I may go with just dagger attacks. We will destroy this thing!”

At that, they saw it…a giant green slime, two times their size…it was intimidating…could they defeat it? Could they win them cakes?

-Chapter 1 Part 3//The Battle | TSATOCMI’s First Strike-

The guys sat there in their relaxers, except key2destiny in his little blue chair, as they watched KeaneFan close in to the massive beast. “Get him RD!” TsukaHaile yelled as KeaneFan made his first strike.

The blob moaned in anguish as it turned to KeaneFan, its massiveness rose over KeaneFan, so KeaneFan went all out, double-stab after double-stab, and nothing seemed to happen…it was barely making a dent! So he pulled out his Axe. KeaneFan was known for his ability to switch to different weapons, and still be good with them…it was time to show them that he really deserves that kind of acknowledgement…and then it came out…power? 32. Speed? Normal. Type? Two-handed. Was he really ready? Probably not. He was not very high leveled…and his double-stab attack was usually his best…now…here it goes!

Slashing and grunting, KeaneFan came face-to-fat to that Slime ball, and simply…KeaneFan really was not strong enough, the Fake King Slime threw him back off the platform, without any HP. Dead. He revived back in Henesys, but if he tried to run back, the beast would have been slaughtered, so he party chatted to his friends that he would just wait for them there…and good luck.

At that, key2destiny took out his machete , and slashed away at the beast. “Ah RD! I wish you didn’t suck! And I wish my stats didn’t suck! I would demolish this thing!” he yelled through the party chat box. At that, one of the members did something, stupid…yet it worked.
1337arr0w pulled out his hammer, and started yelling “Hammah Time!” and bashed at the slime, and if he was hit back a lot, he pulled out his bow he usually uses and power shot as much as possible. At that action, TsukaHaile grabbed his staff, as did Xhead062, both had the same staff and both started casting magic claw attacks at the monster….

The beast fell after about a minute of them fighting it, and a pro coming in and throwing a few stars at it doing a lot of damage, and the cakes flew out! There were SO many there! The group ran inside the middle of the platform and constantly pressed Z until there were no cakes left, and it was done. They did it! They defeated the monster slime and acquired the cakes, with only the loss of KeaneFan’s EXP!

“Ah. I hate you guys…” KeaneFan said as he got his share of the cakes. “Good thing I suck or I would have minded me losing 5% of my experience ha ha…”

Then, they simultaneously signed off…waiting to come back another day and defeat yet another obstacle.

So yes. This is the story of CMI’s Team of Awesome. lol. But yes, what did you think? Well written?

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  1. The story is actually more original than any other stories in MMOTales, this being a realtime and all (They know about the exp and Z button and l337 names). Kinda like the average life of maplers. I likeit. Thing is, increase your vocabulary and you should be fine. Other than that, wait for the other critics on this site.

  2. Ern. *scratch head* Sounds like an interesting way to write a-day-in-the-life-of blogs. Is it one?

    And nice team name, btw. Sounds like those kind of teams people form when they’re young and give ridiculously long names to their almighty alliances.

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