So I leveled 5 times in 3 days doing cpq. (That’s pretty fast for me, because I can’t play all day like some addicted people..)
And I thought, ‘I should solo ali before it’s too late.’
I have attempted to solo before. However, I have never made it. Poor pot spamming skills + low level + not much fundsion = death
So I dragged myself to lpq place at eos, spammed ch 1 sayin:: “J> pq lvl 50 dit MUST SOLO ALI”
I got a party inv within a few sec. I know many parties don’t like letting people solo, so just to make sure, I asked them again.
me: “You do know I’m soloing ali right??”
them: -no reply-
me: “I’m soloing ali!!”
them: -no reply-
me: “Hello???”
them: “no you cant solo ali”
me: “Then I’m leaving..”
them: “leave.”
me: *leaves*
Joined a second party, left again because they didn’t see the solo part. Joined a third party. This time, the leader was actually non-blind, and said ‘yes i know, you can solo’. Throughout the whole pq, every stage, I reminded the party that I was going to solo alishar.
Stg 8.
me: I’m soloing alishar ok?? ok??
ldr: yes we know!
me: just making sure..
Stg 8 cleared. We entered Crack.
me: STOP– You guys DO know i’m soloing right????
ldr: yes
some other mage: yes
me: So kill the rats but DON’T ATK ALI!! I’M SOLOING!! I’M S O L O I N G
ldr: can we kil the chronoses?

So the sins killed the rats. Alishar waas summoned. I readied myself…

As I cast dagger booster, the stupid noob sin attacked.
me: “Omg I said SOLO”
noob sin: “Oh i didn’t know he was soloing”
What was I saying for the last 8 stages?????? Anyway, I finished killing ali by myself, although technically that’s not solo, since the sin hit it a few times.
The next pq, another noob sin attacked it again. I got extremely pissed and killed myself.
The last thing I saw (on partychat) before I left the party was:
noob sin: Where did da lv 50 dit go???
Sick of noob pqs, I went to kft to help guild members with quest (they couldn’t hit the tigers). Then we summoned and killed king blins.

when will I ever be able to solo?

9 thoughts on “MAPLE?? This is NOOBSTORY!!”

  1. Personally, I don’t like my members soloing bosses and all.

    I mean, it’s a freaking party guest.

    Not a. . show-off-your-pwnsomeness-to-nubz-and-boast-about-it or omg-i-wan-all-exp-can-pls? quest.

    But sometimes. .

    ‘Ongz leader, we can’t fight.’

    ‘Meh, [insertname] can solo. ~_~’

    [insertname] : REALLY?

  2. To all of yous who flamed me saying “IT’s a PARTY quest!”, Yeah I’m immature like that. Because all my friends have soloed. Every Lvl 50 I know has soloed. And I want to prove to myself I can solo, too. You’ve probably had an urge to show off, too, at some point or another. (Unless, you didn’t have anything to show off.)

  3. See, this is what I hate about maplestory nowadays.

    It’s nothing but show off attack strength, show off that awesome 1337 ATK work glove, if you don’t meet these standards you’re a noob, make a new character, find a better item, etc.

    “OMG I soloed rog at lvl 35! sweet!”
    “AWESOME! An oriental coat with 8 int!”
    ” Can I haz recon!?!?one@?”

    Oh wait, that last one’s from Halo.

  4. Whoa there, people. There’s a big difference between showing off, and proving to yourself that you can do something. If Mr. Nerdit here went on and yelled “I R SOLOING LOL” WITHOUT any prior notice, then it’d be wrong. But from what I read, it didn’t go down like that. He specifically asked for a party in which he could solo, and got invited to such a party. The members (should have) understood that he was going for a solo, therefore, I see nothing wrong.

    I’ve soloed Papulatus on some occasion on my archer. Think I was trying to show off? No, I was simply PROVING to myself that I could do it. To those of you who are going to counter that with “OMG THERE WAS NO PARTY WIT U”, I again refer to my previous point – the party members should have understood that it was going to be a solo. It was shouted in his party request, and apparently, in all 8 stages before Ali.

    But I digress. Good luck with any future solo fights.

  5. I rembered Now’s lvl 71 pq with papa pixi.
    Actually,when she was lv 70 aready she had been SOLOING papa by herself with her mesos explosions skill full after full,the rest of the squad,comprising of buddy people what will notify newcommers upon invitation,not to hit it nor loot me.
    Well and they just sat there and slack.
    By their freewill.

    And on her last pq,she said.
    ‘I pay everyone 50k each,if i get to solo papa 1 last time’
    And at the walkway,everyone was so scared that some1 did die with a piece or something,they generousely *coughts* let me solo the whole stage. ._.’
    Finished it in the end

    If you want to solo something,50k bags are usefull ^ ^

  6. Im sorry. LPQ, and KPQ are just full of newbs lately. This is why i remained lvl 46 for 3 and a half months. I was sick of LPQ because I usualy call 1 for stg 8 – im no good at that stg. So i call it at 1st stg, and this one guy says “ok” so when we get to stg 8, i get on one, and that one guy that said “ok” didnt get up there fast enough, so he got 6. He gets pissed then shouts at me “HEY, NO CALLING SPOTS. GO TO 6 YOU NOOB” I left the party strait away, then, shouted “out”, defamed him – he acidently fames me instead of defaming me, lol, nubcake – then i go the FM, Ch1 and i just sit there untill i lag out – i cant stay in the FM on Ch1 for long, need anouther stick of ram. No, i do not know why i went to FM Ch1.

  7. lol. . .
    I solo’ed Ali on my sin. . .at level 43
    Highest level of an all 35-38 party excluding me
    Happy me

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