Starsign of Requiems Ch.2

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The seraphs were they who governed Maple Story. Their duty was to protect Maple Story; however, they did not care

about it at all.

Luni and Cierra went to explore the whole world that awaited before them. They would those in need and protect as well.

The computer works on it’s own. It has it’s own personality. Even though it created the world. It will appear again.

* I have divided this chapter into 5 parts because it is very long.

Chapter 2.1:

Luna’s awakening.

As Luni and Cierra proceeded through their world. They began on a small forest. Cierra recognized the forest for she

designed this small area. She named it “Forest of Mirrors”; In the legends that were born instantly in MapleStory one

described the forest. It was told in the town of archers of Henesys westward from the Forest of Mirrors.

Cierra and Luni walked slowly through the narrow road that lead to Henesys.

Once they arrived at Henesys, many bustling Henesians were merchanting in Henesys. The Henesys’s free market was

greatest one in all of MapleStory were people each day reunited to sell their finest wares to anyone whom was


Cierra and Luni wandered through the town as if they knew everything about it.

There was an old lady that appeared before them saying ” I know what you are looking for, you seek the legend of the

Forest of Mirrors”

” How would you know?” asked Luni

” Because I have lived for thousands of years and their is naught a legend that I do not know of!”

” But that is impossible old lady! Everyone knows that a normal human being can only live up to a 120 years!” replied


” Humans? What are you talking about? Everyone knows that we Maplers can live up to 3000 years if we wanted to!”

“Please, just tell us the legend” Interestingly said Cierra.

” As you wish young ladies. It all began when there was a strange light that shone across the forest and Henesys.

I was exactly twelve years-old.The town maiden Luna went of to investigate she was just a young lady. She had

wandered right into the forest and after that day she never came back.”

“What do you mean?” asked Luni

” Allow me to finish the legend young ladies.”

“um, okay, just speak up” replied Cierra.

” Now she did not come because she sealed herself in order to save the forest. Should she be unsealed the forest

would be set on fire again. However there is a way to save both. According to the legend you will need someone who

follows the maiden’s bloodline and is able to use Ice or Water magic. Although since none of ye’ young laddies know

about it I doubt you are of her bloodline.”

“Thanks old lady, let’s go Cierra, let’s go resupply we have some business with that forest”

Cierra and Luni went to resupplied swiftly in the Henesys’s infamous item shop of wonders. The went back quickly

towards the forest of mirrors to save this “Sealed Maiden” that sleeps there.

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  1. Well, you can make chapter divisions whenever, but anything less than ~400 words (to me) makes it unfullfilling, while anything longer than like 5,000 gets me bored unless it’s really good throughout.

    This is 519 (I stuck it in Word I’m writing Leaves now anyway) so it’s just enough, as far as length is concerned. But like Naz said, content matters more.

    Btw, what program did you stick this in? The double spacing DOES get annoying.

  2. Double spacing is when you finish a paragraph and you hit enter twice instead of once, it doesn’t mean you leave a line between every sentence. Teachers tell you to double space so its ‘clearer’ and so it’s easier to know if you’ve gone over the word limit.

    My (and probably Naz) chapters range from mid 2000 to early 3000?
    But yeah, quality and not quantity.

    ~Lily x33.

  3. I like this, but you should really double check your work and shoudln’t doublespace all the time. A chapter shoulld be 1000-3000 words long.

  4. Yes I know. . . XD It’s just that. I hate double checking. I’ll try for the next chapters to be longer

  5. Actually it’s content rather than length that determines a chapter, Eden.

    -=The Nazgul=-

  6. So where’s the 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5? Also, it would be nice if you didn’t double space as much.

    As for punctuation and grammar . . .

    Eh, all I’ll say is that remember to put your periods and:

    It’s=It is
    Its=Possessive. If it=The dog, and the sentence was ‘The dog’s paw was small.’ then it could also be ‘Its paw was small.’

    Get it?


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