Lvl 70 Chronicle – Pt. 1

To start off, for the people that are wondering about my stats and equipment.

They’re right there


It’s 1 AM, and I just don’t feel like training tonight. Kind of a waste of my 12-4 2x EXP card. But w/e xP. All my friends are off cept for a couple people >.>. So i’m going to write a blog .

Today was a pretty good day. I slept late as usual, woke up to this day. Got on MapleStory. All my friends were on after coming from school, and afterschool and such ( I don’t have school, cuz I checked out and plan on going to a different school). Ughh, I was bored as ever so I decided to train at Pirates with 7 AR. Went pretty well, you know, just stand there healing, and holding onto the AR button, and getting a load of exp >.>. After I lvled (Lvl 74). I decided to go scrolling. Just for fun i decided to buy 10% overall dex scrolls (extremely cheap in Bellocan) and scroll my Linnex, that time it only had 8 slots, 2 failed :/. I didn’t expect it to go pretty good, just for the fun of it. But it went pretty well, 20dex/2str/9acc/3speed not bad eh? Ahh and I went FM hunting for 60% cape dex scrolls. I buy them for cheap about 1mil a piece xP. So far i could only get my hands on a couple of them and scrolled my PinkCape 2 atk. Currently it’s only 6dex 2slots. Now I only had about 30milish left. So I decided to buy a SMEGA with my remaining 1,700 nx cash. I did that and used it saying “Buying 8~10 dex Earrings 25mil+”. I immediately got whispers and someone had a 8 dex single earring. So I bought that for 25mil and quite happy about it . So right now I just got back from voodoos, training there at stopping at 20%, ughh just not in the mood of training tonight. I gotta go out LATER TODAY, so when I get back at night i’ll straight grind onto lvl 75 .

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  1. =.= @ DarkDragoon.

    @Blogger: Sweet equips. Better than mine, at least. And Eona, yours are way out of most people’s leagues anyway. >.>

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