Boredom can lead to serious concussions.

YEP. Soo i came back after a year of not playing (boredom got the best of me sadly -..-)

Gahh don’t start with the whole “you’ll always return” blah blah. Yeah. Anyway a year can really change a person o.0; (hahahah don’t start Rin.) Mmmm yea I simply play for pleasure and fun

I don’t know… i’m really out of ideas to write stories, though my minds been screaming WRITE THE WACKED UP STORIES!!! Still need some motivation for another novel though. High school isn’t allowing me the time on the weekdays though so I sustain my MS playing to the weekends. Hahahaha, but I can drive now! (And i’m officially driving now ^^ heehee.)

Just some simple rant. Very simple and retarded rant.

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