A New Beginning.

Thanks, if you’re reading this!

I decided to make a MMOTALE. Cuz just normal Mapling and not writing about your experience is kinda >.> meh. I mean it’s always fun sharing with other people about what you did today in Maple and all the interesting little stories. Well first off, to introduce myself, my name is Paul, and I’m on the world BELLOCAN. My IGN is CuumShot (Most Bellocanians should already know me for my outrageous name x3). Currently to this day, I’m a lvl 74 Ranger (AR). Yes, i’m a slow trainer. I know >.>. Well what I plan on doing in MMOTALES is starting off my Lvl 70 Chronicles. Too bad I couldn’t share my first 4 lvls of being 70 to the people. But there wasn’t much going on in them, so who cares XP. Well I Hope you enjoy reading my blogs!!

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