(Can’t think of a proper title)

Long time no type. Or something rather.

Lets start with….
Me being 111. I didn’t take an ss because I was on the phone spazzing …& Well I forgot? (mumbles)
Lets also add in that I got a storm caster from NLC I’m yet to sell it ..I like wearing it haha. Only good thing I ever got from those moron machines.
I’m thinking of getting a new kage. My dmg sucks right now. I want a pygo.. And argh I hate those stupid crystal ilbis You cant even re-charge them until showa ~__~ I know its a few patches away & all but meeh.. I haven’t even seen anyone use em *f3*
Also where are all the fire arch mages at?! I swear I’m yet to see one all i see are Bishops (yuck) and Ice arch mages (shudders)
None of them are in my guild or I dont see them in leafre. I acutally went looking for an F.p arch mage
Found = none

Moving on I’ve been playing COD4 with my friend Nick getting some rage….out. A lot of rage…
I’m ok at it but I’ll be playing that Until I get SSBB.
Ahh I can’t wait to get SSBB. Standing outside a game stop at 12 mid night just sounds fun.
I’m qutting ms until I finish SSBB. Which won’t take me long I can finish games within a 4-8 day period.
moving onnnn

I’ll pay good money for someone to make me happy
I’ve been miserable no sleep no nothing for 2 days now.
Sucks…being dumped
I won’t ramble on that but its just not the same thats kind of another reason why im quitting ms.
for a while anyway
falto lo que teníamos


6 thoughts on “(Can’t think of a proper title)”

  1. Brawl official countdown: 11 days.

    I will absolutely positively own on Wi-Fi. No one shall defeat me. . .


  2. I’ll be watching 10,000 B.C. before I pick up Brawl.

    After that, I’m going to unlock Snake and go to bed.

  3. No Silver! I’m still alive MUWAHAHAHAHA!
    I’m only level 105 [got caught up in homework and stupid stuff]
    I probably won’t get near 120 until summer because I haven’t logged on T.T. .

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