So what’s up with MMOT.

I pretty much quit maple. It was extremely boring. I only log on to talk to some friends sometimes. Or else…no maple for me.

Oh and the new patch is great. I don’t know why people are complaining about it.

So let me write about the day I logged on to check the patch.

I logged on. There was a buddy list glitch. No problem. I was in Ludibrium.

So I went to the FM and started spamming “B>SOME HOT ASS” AND “B>HOT GIRLS” after which someone came up to me and said “Take mine.”

So I got bored of that and went to the ship for orbis. There was a magician there. I had a hint she was isreali. So I said Hi. She said Hi. Then she said “Plzz 70k i have 601k poor”.

My analytical skills proved worthy. So I stalked her for a while saying “I GM I BAN U”. She came to orbis and I followed her there too. So after having fun with her,I decided to log off.

Well,good ol’ maple.

Anyways,I made a new video too.


Hope you like it lulz.

Anyways,that’s pretty much it.



10 thoughts on “VarunRoll’d”

  1. Yeah. I had to be Varun-rolled. It was excellent, it made me laugh my ass off. x3


  2. @____@;;

    GoshÂ…you’re such comedy. XD

  3. what? ! ? !
    How do I fall for that when the title even says the word!

    ~LaZzz. . .

  4. I clicked on it because I actually thought it was a rick roll.(Yes, i like that song.)
    And, it was rather strange.

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