My Horrid Day


it all started with me trying gachapon out. i made like 50mil in scrolls.

but no one seemed to want to buy my Earring Dex Scroll 70% for 6mil.

so i was floatin through the fm. and saw leaf earrings with a 30% used on them (so +3 dex) for 20mil.

and i figured; eh why not?

i buy the earrings. scrolled them with my scroll and all the sudden i have 5dex 3slot earrings

once again i’m cruisin the fm and i find a reasonable priced earrings dex scroll. so i figure; eh, why not?

so i buy the scroll. and it works i now have 7 dex 2 slot earrings.

*repeat* i now have 9 dex 1 slot earrings

*repeat* and on the final scroll that would give me 11 dex leaf earrings worth around 110mil the earrings break TT.TT

it was horrid. i had just blown the recently acquired gachapon money. 50mil down the drain!

it was like </3, Dx, >, , T.T, TT.TT, , :_(, >, >:_(

all rolled into one.

what made it even worse, was that.

the day before. i was cruisin the fm. not really payin attention.

and i saw a 10luk 5 slot lvl 70 top for 19mil, a 3dex 6 slot bottom for 13mil, and a 98att 2slot DT for 29mil

and i was like

i must have those >

but i realized i didn’t have enough money.

so i go back to my bank. and guess what

the server check happens.

and i was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *#^%$(^*@$#*%T*

and i still haven’t found that person.

so last night i decided. eff that i’m going to scroll my own. and i now have a 10luk 4slot top and a 2dex 6slot bottom :/

still lookin for a DT though.

hopefully 102+ att >.>

i had planned on getting a zhelm, a 105+ att DT, a good luk/dex top/bottom, scrolled shoes, and scrolled earrings T.T

none of that has happened

i went form 115mil -> 53mil in 3 days. thanks gacha T.T

5 thoughts on “My Horrid Day”

  1. welcome to MMOTales, i r dest1, the neighborhood dunce.

    I’m sorry to hear about your gachaphon incident. *gives you 1bil imaginary mesos*

  2. Welcome to MMOTales! I r LordHobo, the Hobo

    I’m sorry to hear about yourgachapon incident. Well, at least you have enough money for gach? I have a level 70 WK using all clean equips, no wg, and only 5 mil. Can’t be much worse then that can it?

    EDIT: I’m wondering, do the people who clicked I Like mean that they liked the fact that the Blogger lost 50mil?

  3. welcome to mmotales! we’d normally be a bit more welcoming but a depressive air has settled over us like a thunderous cloud in a spring storm.

    Beware the short tempers >.> <.< >.> <.< -runs-


  4. Welcome to the fraternity of insanity! ^^

    And good luck with your future scrolls. That honestly bites dist.


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