The SUBWAY ch-01

Feb 13,2008

9:30 pm

A chilly air blows through Kerning subway and a feel of darkness overshadows the riders.
They are waiting for their respective trains and look quite irritated at the delay of the NLC train.

Kim walks through all these people and checks the big clock. 9:30 PM. He sighs and gets set to manage his night-time duty.
He comforts himself on a chair and gets ready to go to bed. The case wasnt that he was feeling tired,but…he was lazy as hell.

He could see swarms of people going into the subway to fight its monsters. It had become a cheerful hobby for them and felt that it made them stronger.

Whatever,he thought.

Just as he was about to close his eyes,a weak-looking person with a small knife called out to him.

The person said,”Give me some mezars,plzzzzzzzzzz”

Kim got up and shot the person with his Kill-zo-matic gun.

“Noobs.”,he smirked and went back to his sleep.

Just then,another passenger came to him and started complaining about the delay of the New leaf city train which had been scheduled for 9:00 PM.

He told them that it might arrive any moment and to wait for a few.

The passenger muttered under his breath some censored words and showed to Kim some censored gestures. After that,he quitely went back and sat down in the waiting hall.

Just then,he heard a sharp cry from inside the broken subway.

He immediately got up and equipped his gun. He surreptitiously crawled into the subway.
He saw nothing special. Just the usual useless bubblings jumping around in excitement.

He kept moving and reached the second corridor of the ruined subway.

The cries were getting louder and he immediately raised his gun to shoulder-level. Just in case.

He felt the icy chill of wind on his face and pierced him like a knife. He shuddered and moved on.
For the first time in years,he was getting an emotion called “fear” shoved into his feelings.

The cry was like a wail of a banshee. Chilling and haunting at the same moment.

As he moved on to the area of ghosts,the ghosts immediately started charging at him. He quickly zapped a few of them. One thrust itself on him and made a scar on his right arm. He shoved it to a distance and shot it.

He was breaking into a jog as he moved forward. He wanted to get over with this and go back to sleep.

As he made his way forward,he saw a mist-like white figure creeping slowly in front of him. It was about 20 feet away but it was clearly visible.

So this must be it,he thought. This must be from where the cries are coming from.

Out of instinct,he surreptitiously shot at the figure but to no avail.

The figure vanished into a wisp of smoke. He heard the cries again. And this time it was farther than before.

This mystery had to be solved. He had to get some sleep. And so he made his way forward.

~To be continued~


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  1. In that case, this was decent, though I don’t really like stories in present tense .

    -=The Nazgul=-

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