Just go die

Hey guys.

Reader discretion advised!—Might drive you insane.

Anyways today has been a really boring day.

I just came home from my maths exam all depressed and all.

I’m gonna get like 78%

Truly depressing.

Anyways,i came home and i fired up my PC…and started basil.

I thought i’ll PQ for a while…So i did.

We got in like 20 minutes or so.

So then we went through the whole process of the tiresome party quest.

Yipee! [He says with a very droned and monotonously sarcastic voice]

Yes Ludi PQ is a piece of repitive crap all right.

But thats not ALL that happened.

I met some cool guys too.

I met this couple…darksuushi and smexisuushi

Can you believe it? They’re married.

I asked them about their similiar names.

Their answer : Destiny.

Anyway gratz to them and i wish them a very good maple life. May you pwn more noobs and scam more people.

Anyways,i buddied dark because he was kinda cool.

He gave me a freaking +5 accuracy lvl 40 claw for free.
Cool guy he is.

He was asking everyone for 1 mil cause he wanted to buy a claw for atk 60%

It was so damn funny.

I would have given him,but i was saving up for a luk+11 cape.

So anyways, i met this other guy who was from wantafanta.

Yes,THE wantafanta.

He kept showing the “vomit” face over and over again.

It was so irritating.

My revenge? I showed him the f6 face for 15 mins non-stop.

He stopped after that XD

And when we got to alishar,that guy put on some weird lion costume and kept saying “THE PRIDE OF THE MUSTACHE”

[He had a mustache btw -_-]

After dealing with those bunch of loonies,my electrity went out and i didnt log back in.

After that i read “The catcher in the rye” for a while and felt like writing a blog.

So here i am.



15 thoughts on “Just go die”

  1. First THINg. Wolfguy184 = professor BiteME
    2nd THIng “”justgodie” realy is the first o.O
    and finally what is this anyway i just registered, (wantafanta guildies are fags)


    the pride of the stache

    id laugh but im on university property and laughing is strongly prohibitied =O



  3. yeah thats seriously how it was, but instead of pressing “f6” all the time, i changed the key to space bar and kept pressing it XD

    @fenrir, oh yeah that,

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