Zomg liek I dexlesssss I ks U!!111

Wow… never go to sakura cellions without someone to back you up =_=
I Found a cellion map which only had like a 35 fighter in it, and I asked if we could split the map. He said sure, so i took the right and he was at the left. I trained for about 10 minutes, got 5% and 30k, and then two level 4x dexless sins with ilbies came in and tried to ks us out. When I asked them to change channels, he said that i didnt own this map, but then asked me to cc saying the he DID own the map
freaking pissed

2 thoughts on “Zomg liek I dexlesssss I ks U!!111”

  1. Lol. I wouldn’t be surprised to be told that in MSEA. They do have a map owning system, and it’s srsly like a mafia in here.

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