Pro at MS?


Well, I typed an essay for class and realized it could be pretty MMO related.



Fame’s Curse

Many people love to be famous, while others prefer to duck out of it. Being famous is a double-sided sword. On one hand, everyone more or less knows your name, but on the other, you can be the brunt of many cruel words. (i.e. Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and Tom Cruise + Scientology.) It feels good to be well-known, but what you are known for dictates how happy you are. I do want to be famous. However, I don’t want to be renowned for bad things that will lead to insults and cruel gossip. Being famous is not a very good thing.

For one thing, everyone knows all there is to know about you. If there is some stupid thing you do one day, then everyone will know and laugh. People will dig up your deepest, darkest secrets and publicize them, no matter what you do. While this IS being well-known, it is not something anyone would want, to be watched every hour of every day. If you do one embarrassing thing, you can expect your name to be plastered all over the countertop tabloids. You trip and fall? ” [Your Name Here] is a klutz!” Even something as little you dripping soup from your mouth: “Disgusting Habits of Our Most Wretched of Celebrities!” or “Lack of table manners in [Your Name Here]”. The one true downside of fame is the lack of privacy.

Another wretched thing about being famous is that everywhere you go, there will be people watching for you, waiting to take pictures, and get autographs, and much more. This might seem great, but there also is a dark side to that. In the words of Homer Simpson from The Simpsons, “Okay boy, my new job is to exploit the local celebrities and force them into situations where I can take pictures of them and frame them for things they never did. In other words, I’m a paparazzo!” People will be following you around, taking pictures of you, fabricating lies and stretching the truth about what you’ve done. I’ve told you about the little privacy you get. Well this goes beyond invasion of privacy. This enters a level of pure insanity. People are just waiting to get their hands on you and whatever there is to know about you. After ravaging your privacy, they’ll move on to things that never actually happened. Needless to say, you will be famous, but not for any right reasons.

Fame can be a good thing too. People will know your name, some will respect you. There are quite a few perks to being famous, being able to flash your name around and get special treatment. As some say, you might even get out of trouble with it, in which case, c’est la vie. However, sometimes, you’ll want a quiet life. You’ll want a life where you can actually show your face without anybody yelling your name. In all certainty, you’ll never get that peace. Instead, you will have to go around wearing sunglasses and hoods to get somewhere without screaming populace. Oh well, at least you look cool in shades.

In the end, fame can be more of a curse than a blessing. There is no privacy at all for you. You have no right to remain unknown. Anything you say or do can and will be used against you in the court of gossip. And you would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling photographers. You will be blamed, framed, and probably driven to tears by whatever “those blasted paparazzo’s” have come up with next. Even after all that, there still won’t be any breaks for you, no peace and quiet. This is the edge of the sword of fame that is facing you.

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  1. ya it must really suck to be a celeb or at least live in or near Hollywood or Beverly Hills. they literally want to tear you a part >.<

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