Forgive me not, for I have a sin

Heh, I love play-on-words. Especially with the title.XD

Yeah, the title says it all. SpiderFangX, my stand-in for the sleeping viper, is now an ASSASSIN! The two-timing, two-butted killer that more than half of MS seems to be!

The process took me a bit longer than I promised, not getting there till April 2nd, but eh, a I work 8 hours every day, so it isn’t quite so easy. Well, not getting on the game, anyway. Making the sin itself, now that was a breeze. Man, those wood and rock masks really sped things up. Too bad my old dit never got that treatment. I also kpqed a lot for once, first time I actually got into it that much. I even led a few. Heh, new for me. Nonetheless, I made a few friends and grinded the rest of the way in a party. Talked to the ninja, got some marbles for my collection, gave em back, you get the deal. Compared to my first time, this was actually a piece of cake!^_^ The steelies helped too.XD I’ll never trade those for any amount of mesos.

Also, I’m pleased to announce, for the first time it seems, that I suffered absolutely ZERO DEATHS as a beginner and a rogue with this char. ZERO! I’ve never hit that milestone before. Heh, I bet I can do it on my 2nd job!

Oh, tried the CPQ for once too. I went a few matches with some people who decided to do a win trade off to get everyone fast xp. At least it is when you win, and it is FAST! LIGHT-FRICKIN SPEED! 23000 xp bare minimum for the winning team. Now THAT is pq xp. And even if you lose, you get 7k if you get 100+ cp. Not bad at all. I ended up getting 3 levels the day I became a sin.

Oh, and YES, I DIED on the cpq, but those deaths take no xp from you(thank goodness), so those won’t count against me. Might as well not, since at lv 31 I went against ROMBOTS!-_-

So, quite an enthralling night that was. Won’t be mapling too much tonight. I will, but I’ll also be down at the library for a few hours taking in their Thursday movie night. They have Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind on. Anime fans rejoice! *rejoices*

So thats all for the time being, good to blog again. Don’t worry, next fanfic chaper will be up later this month, if not this weekend. So until next time, happy mapling!