Apostle’s Creed; Chapter Three

Finally, the action scene you’ve all been waiting for! The death-match in the burring casino. LMAO. Anyways, this is random, but I got 4th job, which made me Dark Knight. I’m also level 125. I barely play anymore. Anyways, here’s chapter three!


I believe in Wizet, the Father almighty,
creator of Ossyria and Victoria.

and in Jee-em, his only Son, our Lord.

who was conceived by the power of the Maple Spirit
born of the Virgin mushroom.

suffered under Nexon,
was crucified, died, and was buried.

He descended into Zakum.
On the third day he rose again from the pile of dead noobs.

He ascended into Wizet HQ
and is seated at the right hand
of Wizet the Father Almighty.

From thence he shall come again to judge the Pro and the noob.

I believe in the Maple Spirit,

the holy Maplic Church,
the communion of Pros

the forgiveness of h4x,

the resurrection at the nearest town,

and the spam everlasting.

– The Apostle’s Creed (Maple Style)

Apostle’s Creed Chapter Three: Imagination the Mind Cannot Comprehend: Rational Counterattack

2020, April 27th
Location: Burning Casino, Samara Avenue, Ruined City of El Nath

Myriads of azure flares ignited and danced in the heat. The decaying wood generously offered itself as fuel, which aroused the hostile flames outrageously. The black, corrosive fumes formed, and hovered diligently below the roof. It was just so damn hot, Cryo thought he was suffering eternal damnation in hell. He was just about to lose control.

“Well, that wasn’t expected,” laughed Shura. With no warnings, the whole casino erupted, caused by a major explosion. Cryo screamed and fell on the floor, taken by complete surprise. The damned building, the smoke and the fire were completely tossed away, by some unexpected force.

“A voice activated explosive, eh?” snickered Octavius. “And it only explodes in one direction, leaving you two brats untouched. How clever!” howled Octavius. Some parts of his hair were blown off, the majority of his head was cripsened and torched black, his face covered in his own tainted, dry blood. The explosives Shura implanted and her strategy was so thorough that it astonished Cryo.

“I knew laying traps little by little wouldn’t kill you, so I planted the majority here. The whole area is surrounded with my traps. It’s finished, Octavius,” Shura pointed out her planned victory.

“When did you plant- I mean-“
“What the hell is he made out of?!?!” Cryo freaked out. A direct hit from Shura’s astutely implanted explosives should’ve scattered his tattered corpse on the floor.

“A genetically modified human, there can be no more answers than that. And that means. . .-“

“As expected of the elite trap master. Yes, I was only a low ranked subordinate back in that invasion. If you even thought once that I was an Apostle, you must be dumb as ****,” snickered the hideous beast known as Charles Octavius.

“Shura what’s a –“

“A lab rat. Biological experiments, conducted by ones who wished for the ultimate, heartless, and powerful killing machines. Yes, the ones who conducted those cruel, damned, and unreasonable experiments were the Apostles. He seems to possess some intelligence, which means he’s one of the high ranked ones, in the ruling class,” explained Shura.

“That’s right. I’ve climbed my way up to the top, exploiting anything in my reach. I have no morals, no restrictions, and this freedom led me to become one of the Apostle’s lieutenants.” Proudly ranted Octavius.

“Oi, you son of a bain, tell me the name of your Apostle Leader. Anything and everything you know about it. Spill it,” demanded Shura, snapping her fingers.

“My my, what a spoiled brat, she thinks everything will work out as planned. Well, tell ya what. No, and I don’t want to. What’re you going to do if I don’t tell you?”

“I’ll let my spider-mines feast on ya,” grinned Shura.

“My my, you seem darn confident. Say hi to the devil at hell’s gate for me, will ya?”


With those sharp, emotionless staccatos, Shura fell on her knees, gasping, her eyes dilated and her mouth wide open. Cryo clearly witnessed as if it were a slow motion in a death scene. The slow motion ceased, and her body fell cold on the wrecked floor.

“The hell?! Shura! Get up! Hang in there! Oh my GOD!” shrieked Cryo, horrified and confused at the same time. He shook her more violently than ever before, hoping for her response: a slap. His body twitched and his eyes dilated, in terror and frustration.

“Oh, wouldn’t it be strange if I just had one weapon? Who would’ve thought that I hid a pistol in my jacket? She probably didn’t even get a chance to scream. I impaled her through the heart. Too bad those were the last few shots. I enjoyed making holes in that little toddler I found back there a while ago. How sad she was discovered by me. Now boy, lets have our melee battle,” Octavius’ bloody face was now filled with arrogance and insane, unreasonable happiness. Out of one of the coats in his jacket, he pulled out an unusually long trench knife. The same one Cryo abandoned in the snow.

”En garde, boy,” grunted Octavius, underestimating his opponent.

“Don’t joke about combat as if you are talking about building a damn sand castle! Dammit!” shrieked Cryo in hate and disgust. He unsheathed his sword, pointed at his nemesis’ neck, Octavius. The edge of the blade was shining azure in the grace of the dusk. The back of his sword, was hidden in the shadows, a color of pure darkness. The hilt was tightly clenched in his sweaty palms, and the guard seemed to reflect no light at all. Cryo’s eyes were sharp as his sword, and there seemed to be a crimson flame in his eyes, burning off his rage, hatred, and confusion.

“Nothing matters anymore! I’ll kill you!” howled Cryo, and made his move. He thrust his body towards the foe and leaped. In the air, Cryo posed to strike his foe. An intelligent Octavius, who had already seen through Cryo’s attack, raised his trench knife to deflect the strike. Cryo’s and Octavius’ eyes met. The boy definitely wasn’t himself anymore. Octavius sensed nothing but killing intent and the desire of his death inside Cryo’s eyes. For the second time in his life, Octavius felt true fear. He gulped and felt a cold sweat drip down his back as Cryo relentlessly swung his blade.


Cryo’s sword ripped through the bronze trench knife as if a hot knife went through butter. Unstoppable, it didn’t end there. The blade continued, splitting through his arm, severing it. Blood sprayed everywhere, coloring Cryo’s sword a deep scarlet. Blurry slashing movements of Cryo appeared out of nowhere, as deep, lethal cuts appeared on Octavius’ abdomen, and shoulders. A drip of blood fell on Cryo’s face. Roaring in pain, Octavius fell on his knees, then on all threes. Shocked, Cryo took a far step back, but still not letting his guard down. Shocked at what he just did, Cryo numbly stared at his sword and hands. The arm was definitely ripped off, as it was motionless on the ground. How horrifying.

“I see. I’ve seen that sword style before. Maple Hero Style. You are very skilled, but it still seems that you’ve never been caught in a real life and death situation before,” Coughed Octavius, as he spewed up more blood from his mouth.

“A customized version of Power Strike, flash movements, and twelve verses of Final Attack. An impressive performance,” he continued, panting.

“The hell are you talking about?! Those skills are for those who’ve trained for endless time, gaining access to their mana! Are you trying to imply that I have mana?!” Inquired Cryo.

“Amazing, you’re a natural too. Not like that brat who contracted the Maple Spirit. Boy, why do you think a mere fifteen year old girl be that perfect? The way she has amazing intuition, and how she gets her sudden epiphanies. Did you really thought you could just simply dodge my fire back then? She unconsciously casted Haste. That’s how you two survived. You failed to notice it, how pitiful. And let me tell you one more thing. I recognize that blade as well. And the man who’ve previously owned it. Must’ve been your father or uncle. He was a formidable opponent, but I really enjoyed using my fire to toast him. I threw the sword away somewhere I guess. I’ll destroy your existence the same way I did to him,” huffed Octavius violently, managing to show a grin.

“I dare ask you to repeat that,” muttered Cryo.

“Eh?” grunted Octavius, making an exaggerated, confused face.

“I ****ing said to repeat your damn words!” roared Cryo, who was back in his enraged form.

“Just kidding! That man disappeared and left that sword on the wall before I even noticed his presence. By the way, I really enjoy observing at your wretched, provoked, and malicious face,” Octavius innocently provoked, while making a goofy face.

“That means my dad’s alive?” furiously growled Cryo.

“Dunno, why should I tell you more? But what I said is true. He disappeared before I even looked at his face,” yawned Octavius.

“Boy, worry about yourself rather than others. The fact I told you my flamethrower was empty is a lie. I actually have average ammo. And they say, when you’re a powerful mage, and you give birth to an offspring, the chances of the baby possessing mana is uncommon, but the skills are almost always hereditary. I am the offspring of two fire-mages. Though I have no mana, I am skilled enough to cast spells with the fire from my flamethrower,” spoke Octavius, as he crouched down to reach his lethal weapon.

“These wounds are serious, but they aren’t in the way for me killing you,” he continued, as he proudly held his flamethrower.

“You freaking lost an arm and you don’t freaking mind?” Cryo hollered, who couldn’t understand the hell Octavius was thinking.

“Using that tone of voice isn’t good for you, and the only thing I need to do is kill you, not mourn over my ****ing arm,” he spat.

“Now be afraid! Art of the fire-magic: Great Cobalt fireball!” Octavius roared, as fire streamed out of his weapon and formed into a deadly, rotating fireball. As soon as it was generated, it headed for Cryo. Cryo, who saw it coming, slashed it. But the fireball passed through his sword, heading for his face. Realizing that critical fact, he jumped backwards and fell on his back, the fireball whizzing past him. He quickly got back up again, surprised and panting.

“Ha! Even if you slash at my fire all day, there would be no effect! Great Cobalt fireball!” he howled maniacally.
Another one was formed and headed for Cryo this time, there was something in his eyes that told whoever was looking at him that he had a plan.

“Warrior’s basics: Slash Blast!” he shouted, and the fireball was blown away by the force.

“It worked,” sighed Cryo, in relief.

“Then take this and go to hell! Art of the Fire-magic: Azure Fire arrow!” Octavius shouted, roaring in frustration.

Small bits of fire merged, to make a slender, blue fire arrow. This time, it took longer. It headed for Cryo, as if a eagle flew down to strike its prey. He knew what he had to do again.

“Slash Blast!” he shouted, slashing at the fire arrow. The force of the fire arrow and the pushing power of slash blast dueled. But eventually, the arrow penetrated the force and struck Cryo’s hands, forcing him to scream and separated his sword from his hands. The injury was severe, as pieces of skin were charred, and many serious burns. The sword spun gracefully in the air a few times, then got stuck on the ground.

Cryo lay there, squirming in the pain, as the demon known as Octavius glared at him. His body froze over, and despair entered his heart, now knowing that he was going to . . . die.

“You fought well, but that wasn’t enough. Since you fought so well, I will finish you off honorably with my strongest skill. Behold, Fire Claw!” he let out a shout of energy, and pressed the trigger of the flamethrower. Cryo could feel flashbacks go by while the six deadly lines of azure fire take form. It was so sad to die.

“Strike down! Die!” he could hear Octavius as he focused on the fire coming to kill him. It was over. “Goodbye Shura, lets meet at heaven, I guess. I’ll introduce you to my family,” Cryo thought.

Suddenly, a strange mechanism with eight, thin legs jumped at the Fire Claw, then exploded, the two great forces canceled each other out. A spider-mine.

“The hell?!” Octavius loudly complained, as a silhouette of a slender, female figure began to rise, concealed by a curtain of dust.

“You! I killed you! How are you alive!” he hissed, as the dust was blown away by the wind, revealing a pale Shura.

“Shura!” Cryo called, overjoyed to see her again.

“This will answer your question,” she calmly spoke, as she pulled out a thin bible from under her clothes.

“A keepsake of my brother, like a miracle, it stopped the bullet,” she explained, as a spider-mine behind Octavius jumped into his open, shocked, mouth, and down his throat.



Cryo thought he saw Octavius grin, as the spidermine went down his throat. Not a twisted one, just a normal one. He thought, under the mask of blood, he thought he saw a friendly next-door neighbor man.

“Shura. . .”

A gentle breeze blew, carrying the dust away. Octavius was gone, his residue scattered on the floor.

Cryo looked beside him, and saw Shura pray.

“Eh? You’re praying?” Cryo frowned.

“Of course. Octavius isn’t the one at fault here. You saw his last smile, did you not? It’s those Apostles who made him that way. They are the damned, and the ones at fault,” she explained, and continued praying. With a loud sigh, he joined her. It helped him throw away the immense guilt of killing someone.

“You know Cryo, you were pretty cool back there. I never knew you were good enough to possess mana,” she complimented, grinning.

“Hey, why not join the zealots and become our comrade? Don’t you want to help victims as well?” she inquired.

“Shura, that was probably just luck, and you make it sound like a part-time job,” sighed Cryo, looking off at the sunset. Sunset?! The sun began to fade away in the mountains and the navy night sky began to appear.

“Anyways, we still have about one hour-“

“Beep! Beep! something rang and Shura pulled it out of her pocket. It was a small computer of some sort. It read, “Daylight Saving Time Begins.”

The two of them did not know what to say. It was just too ridiculous. But time was against them. Limitless infected people came in sight as the sun crawled to its resting place. Shura began to lose consciousness. Was it over?

Suddenly, Cryo began to hear a buzzing noise in the sky. A helicopter. It slowly approached their location.

“SHUUURA!” a man from the helicopter yelled with a megaphone.

“We’re here!” Cryo waved furiously, trying to get noticed. After a while, his eyelids got heavy and he began to lose his consciousness. He saw a glimpse of the helicopter hovering above him.

“They’re here, we’re saved,” he thought, as he closed his eyes and fainted. The last thing he felt was getting carried by someone who seemed very dependable.

The infected ones screamed and reached for the helicopter as it flew throughout the shadows of the night, its destination unknown.

To be Continued. . .

Did you enjoy this chapter? It’s twice longer than the previous two chapters.

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