Mabinogi – Did you know I LOVE this game

I’m going to guess that you did know : ) At this point, I think all of MMOTales has seen my attempts to get people to play the game. Well, its been quite a while since I have blogged, and i just keep finding some awesome stuff to do in this game!

One thing I find totally awesome about this game is the Log-In page. Sounds Lame, but it’s so pretty! And the music is pretty awesome too.

So I started off the game with my friend Jan (a dude, btw), and we pretty much explored the weird things you can do in the game together. We hit the dungeon where we got had to save this villager, a stupid fellow really, from near doom from the giant spider! Sadly I have no screens, because if I bothered to stop and take one, that thing would have totally owned me.

We convinced our other friend Hiro to join us, and, he started a character named Kaaba, because he totally loved America’s Best Dance Crew. Lol. So we did some Party quests together, like hunting smaller spiders (just as icky) and then we chilled out for a bit. We made a campfire and sat down, and were joined by a bunch of others, because people seem to just flock to the fires. One cool thing about the campfires is sharing food.

Oh yeah! Food! So basically you have to feed your character every once in a while to maintain stamina, and depending on what you feed you character, their body changes. Eating meats and breads and cheese really fattens up your character, a lesson I had to learn the hard way, and they get even chubbier if the just sit around campfires for hours on end. If they eat fruits and veggies, they gain muscle and look fit.

So yes, this game is like a virtual reality type-a-thing. You gain knowledge and skills on really basic things like cooking, weaving and tailoring, gathering food, refining ores. . .even fishing! You character ages too, and I just got a present from NPC Nao for my 14th birthday : )

Some of the maps in the game are really crazy looking too. I personally love the Church, but there are other cool things too, like this one map with like a million snowmen, and even fields for things like digging potatoes, harvesting wheat, etc. You can even milk a darn cow!.

But of course, those are just weird things. What I really love are the quests. They keep you moving and discovering new places and new skills. One quest was to visit a town called Bangor, so me and Jan though we would check it out. When we got as close as we could, we saw that the town was blocked by a giant rock 😐 Yeah. I had a total “what?” moment there. We learned that the Seal for the town had to be broken by a high level archer that would break the rope thinger holding the rock. So we walked all the way back to the nearest town. Lol.

After this, Jan stopped playing because he got too busy for me = (. So I played with new friends I had made. Then I added wonderful Rainofsorrow, and he has been like the hugest help ever! Yeah, he rules. He took me to all these weird places, like the dungeon to face off against a golem! And to Bangor once the seal was broken.

He also told me about this crazy quest going on where you can visit Tarlach, and NPC, one of some 3 surviving warriors, the ones the servers are named after, and by doing this quest you are given a locket which can be dropped on the alter in the dungeon to do a party quest where you become the 3 warriors (mind you, a party of three of course). The quest is very time consuming though, and you also have to visit him at the right times, or you end up talking to this bear. XD

Other quest-like things are part time jobs, or like time quests. Really awesome for making quick money and experience, and I can do 6 a day depending on what town I am in. Hooray! They are really simple things too, like deliveries, tailoring clothes, chopping wood, sheering sheep, milking cows or gathering other things.

What else is cool? My sword can talk, yo! And her name is Eiry

And so ends what I think is my longest blog to date. Yarly.

Peace out.

Gujju ♥

15 thoughts on “Mabinogi – Did you know I LOVE this game”

  1. Mabinogi is just such a rich and deep game. There’s so much material for RP-ing and fanfic-ing.

  2. I seriously don’t know why people hold books as an equipment.
    You just use them to gain a skill and throw them away

  3. The opening page picture is nice. And your sword can TALK? I’ve so got to try this.

  4. ahah well Not talk per se. It kinda like an NPC. You can ask it questions about the game, and shtuffs.

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