Back in the game full time

You heard right! After a long time of waiting, I’m now officially at my own apartmenty-place, free to do whatever I choose when I’m not working or doing other stuff. Most of that time has been spent making up for lost time on the game I’ve grown up with for about three years so far. Needless to say, if you’ve seen my mmotales ID, I’ve been looking around at other games, too. Since my laptop is cheapo, my options are limited, but I did manage to find at least three others that work well-Grand Chase, Darkeden, and Corum Online. They’re pretty sweet thus far, and I’ll try to make time for them, too.

Still, Maple Story has been on top of my priority list(not over real-life things, mind you XD), since in the past I’ve had to endure numerous periods of time without being able to play it. Thankfully, that time has come to pass, and since this past Tuesday, I’ve been working my butt off. I began by finally getting off of lv 82. I celebrated my 83rd lvl by investing in a skill off the beaten path: mesoguard. Yeah, I know, a pretty odd choice, but believe me, I’d have no hope of bossing without it.

After that, I examined more and more areas to train, since the xp was clearly getting slower. Oddly enough, I ended up settling in the NLC haunted mansion hunting dolls. Yeah, you know, the ones made out of bedsheets with lots of “os” in their names. I consider gryphons a useful second as well: lower xp, but I can 1-hit those birds. I kinda wish there were other places so I wouldn’t have to worry about having to continuously cc to find a voodoo or hoodoo room, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought; against my earlier beliefs, I was always successful in finding a room. Geez, if I had been that persistent before, I’d probably lvled faster. Whatever.

Training wasn’t the only thing I did, though. First of all…

I FINALLY HAVE PICHURES!(those things on the upper left) That camera took a while to figure out. I did it, though, so I’ll hopefully have more pics as I keep blogging. Anyway, all pictures are various glances at me guild, MegaFlare, as we sit and wait for gpqs. We did it twice this week, and I got farther than I’ve ever been each time. We never beat either, though, thanks to peoples’ compys playing the DC game(YES, mine included!>_&lt. It was still fun, though.

So yeah, not too much otherwise, though I have decided on a second MS char, which’ll be an assassin. I tried to stray from that, thanks to the billions of assassins already around, but I had to face it: I was always intrigued by that class, like the bandit, and eventually, I couldn’t help but wonder what it’s like. Besides, I like ninjas.XD

Next fanfic chapter will be up soon, I promsie. Until then, happy mapling!

6 thoughts on “Back in the game full time”

  1. >< Try to get more than six people to come along to the GPQ? Lesser chances for DC-kickout then.
    Wait till your guild can do six runs in a row. That is funner.

  2. We DID, that’s the funny thing. I’ll be looking forward to just facing Ergoth.^^

  3. Silver i though u said we did 10 in a row that day?
    Dude,u should check out me n silver’s Incendiary blogs.
    Our gpqs are the funniEST >D

  4. Yeah well, Eona, we did take a break between some of them, so I didn’t quite count that ‘in-a-row’. Sides, it was that six that was the epic one, right?
    And I think it was more like nine, because now I remember we did like, three initially to break 30k guild points, then you decided that we needed to do five more to break into the guild rankings, then we just nice lack a few points, so we did one more. That’ll be nine, right?

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