Tespia. The test server of gMS. Many have sought it, and only 1000 are allowed access.

That is to say, I’m kinda sharing an account with a friend of mine. It’s all good and well.

I’ll post some screens next time. The ones I’ve taken are random, nonsensical pictures, so tune in next time.

Some details on the server/in-game:

• Unlimited NX. You know what that means…
-SMega is the new chat box. The world is your new BL.
-Town Scrolls? What are those? Kid, we use VIP Teleport Rocks around here.
• In addition to the VIP Rock section, the chat box is often labeled with “IS ANYONE AT _____” for VIP Rock use.
-24-hour Double EXP and Drops. That’s right. All day, Double what is already insanely high.
• Base EXP is 3x the norm. That means with Doubles, it’s 6x. I’m not sure on Drops, however.

• Crazy Leveling. Even faster than 6x…
-Talk to Cody to level up. Capped at 161, 99.99%, that is.
• 99.99% as in, you need only 1 point to level up again.
-You’re usually unprepared, pot-wise, for ADV quests; i.e. 2nd/3rd job advancements.
-Once you cap at 162, you’re usually stuck. Seriously, how long, with 6x, does it take to get ~280m EXP to level?

• Crazy Drops and Market Prices…
-The Beheader, (Level 100 Two-Handed Sword), for 1m mesos. One Million.
-Devil’s Sunrise, (Level 90? Two-Handed Sword), 750k mesos.
-Blue Screamer, (Level 80 Two-Handed Sword), for free from someone I helped.
-Ilbi Throwing Star. -1m?
-Need I say more?
-Noticeably increased Drop Rate. Equips, (that you can’t use. -_-), every second kill?

• Community…
-Nicer. Definitely.
-Extremely rare beggars. I’ve only encountered one thus far.
-No idiots trying to KS you. I think. Wait. Never mind. Make that, Very little amount of idiots.
-SMega Drama, anyone?
-Everyone talks using SMega. Guild/Buddy Chats are usually silent. For me, that is.

• Cash Shop…
-Do I hear maxed inventory slots as first item?
-Everyone wears some form of NX. Seriously.
• The pets, too.

• Mobs, Party Quests, etc…
-Carnival, (PVP almost), PQ. Very fun.
-Horntail. Do I hear impossibility?

• Verdict•
Fun, nice change of pace compared to ogMS, (official-global).

I hope the test server doesn’t end anytime soon. It’s a great and relaxing compared to real gMS. Now I just need to finish those darn quests, make/find higher level equipment…

IGN: Prodigy
Class: Paladin
Level: 162

Weapon: The Beheader
Armor: Dark Crusader Chainmail
Gloves: Sapphire Emperor
Shoes: Blue Rivers Boots
Cape: Red Magic Cape
Earrings: Red-Hearted Earrings

~Till the next meeting.

Blog finished @ 7:44 PM PST.

10 thoughts on “Tespia”

  1. It’s a server name in KMS. The server of Beta of GMS before it was released was also named Tespia. I guess Tespia is the name used for test servers,


  2. Oh, I forgot to include that KMS had the same test server type thing too before 4th job was released. Same thing, you talk to an NPC and you gain a level. The only difference is that it was probably even more exciting for the testers because 4th job wasn’t released on the regular servers yet. I don’t understand the point of the GMS test server,

  3. I was supposed to be a tester right after beta transformed into “MaplestoryT” (the original test server)

    They nixed the idea though =/

    what a disappointment

  4. Hey ITZ Prodigy
    I’ve seen you around, but who hasn’t seen everyone? o.O
    Tespia is just a standard World name like Scania. jMS and kMS have it for sure, and I’m guessing other versions have a Tespia as well (except I know that mSEA does not).

  5. HAHA! Totally pwning in that server! I wish i was 162, and how would you be stuck? With 6x EXP and hardly any players online, you could train like a madman!

    Tespia sounds awesome, wish I was chosen. Maybe B0WJOB will let me play his test account

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