Alright, I’m back! You can stop waiting!

*crashes into the room, knocks a lamp over*

Oops! Ah, probably wouldn’t have gotten much at the auction anyway.-_-

Geez, I’m finally here! Alright, so I didn’t get to the fanfic like I said.


Fun fact: I like Star Wars.

Anyway, the city life didn’t quite bode as well for me as I thought, so I went back home. However, this is why plan B exists. I’m getting full time hours on two jobs right now, so money is coming along well. Plus, I’ll be getting another new place of mine soon. It’s in my hometown, but I’m not going to argue. Any place in the world that lets me live on my own and plat mmo games all I want works for me!

As for the fanfic. I PROMISE I haven’t given up yet. In fact, even though I haven’t gotten the next chappie up, I have been thinking a lot about the rest of the story. I even have a few ideas about the ending! O_O But, hush hush, no spoils for you! And I don’t care if you’re a pirate, either! I am, however, about halfway done with the next chappie. I’m really gonna work on getting it up soon.

Also, I’m gonna tell you right now, it’ll be long. VERY LONG. So I’m going to tell you RIGHT NOW, DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT THE LENGTH! I’ll say it again. DO NOT WHINE ABOUT HOW MANY WORDS THERE ARE! Yeah, I know, some of us don’t like to read these huge stories on a single page(Although I don’t mind at all, especially since I discovered my hometown library actually has good novels). If you’re one of those people, then I advise you follow this simple, easy, and highly logical method of reading.

Step one: From the beginning, read as long as you can muster the mental strength and concentration.
Step two: If you’re sick of reading and not done, then stop somewhere, mark it somehow, and go play Maple Story or something.
Step three: When you’re ready to put your eyes back to the anguish, get back on this site and start from where you left off. Lather, rinse, repeat as needed.

See?! Then we can avoid all these ARGUMENTS we get in the comments section! IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

Okay, game related: FINALLY made it to lv 82 after, what, four weeks? Yeah, I’ve had a lot going on, what with buying furniture, working my butt off, going to play rehearsals, and putting up with the fact that there are times when my mother and father, love them as I do, DON’T SHUT UP. Despite all this, I put all of my effort that I could into leveling, starting with krus and captains, then switching to the Mu Lung tae kwan pandas, since they make more raw money.

This just in: pandas give steelys. I got one set. WEEEEEEEEE! ^_^ If I don’t get em sold off, I may start a sin.

So that’s about all for now. In the meantime, I’ll keep working on my levels(and my fanfic, I promise!).

Actually, one more thing. I’m in a new guild, hooray hooray. The overall process was weird. So far, the guild I’ve stayed in the longest was my longtime gang of buds in the well-named Phoenix Tears guild. I wanna say a few weejs or so back: I jump on the game one fine day, and they’re GONE! Disappeared! Invisiblized! I made a new verb, yay! Seriously, I have no idea what happened. I tried to find the old leader, but she wasn’t around. Ah, screw it, I told myself, I’ll find a new one. Maybe the guild’s disappearance had something to do with the fact that our leader got banned for “assisting a third-party hack system,” and by that I mean getting screwed out of fighting hackers. So, I jumped into a new guild called, um….something about legits. Well, I thoroughly loved the name, so I jumped in for a while. Well, things changed. During my time with them, I was training on soul teddies, when I see this female priest magic clawing a Pap clone. Yes, magic clawing, I’m not making this up! I was just gonna shout, “FIRE YER ARROS!” but I’m much nicer than that and asked if she wanted help. Amazingly enough, she said yes! Wow, a boss clone is on the screen and I didn’t get a “CC?” Must be a good day. Anyway, we took the clone down, and she was very grateful. I ended up getting the moneybag in the end, but since she broke her back doing this first, I split the winnings with her.

Even after that, she offered me to join her guild, MegaFlare. Geez, lots of good guild names lately(better than Incendiary SNICKER!XD jk). I politely declined, but told her I’d think about it, and added her to my BL instead. I really need to get active gamers on there. So, time passes, and as I’m training one day, I see her at the haunted house, training on the voodoos, courtesy of the game’s “find your friend” feature(aka the map button on the BL). I cruise on over and find her and a buddy fighting the rag dolls made of money. She’s elated to see me there, and we train for a while. It was there I decided, aw heck, I’ll join MegaFlare. The rest, as they say, is mythology.

Screw history.

As for the priest I talked about? Her name is WillowFey, and she is very nice. She made level 100 a couple nights ago. If you’re in Bellocan, fame her.

Alright, now THAT’s the end. Happy mapling, everyone!

7 thoughts on “Alright, I’m back! You can stop waiting!”

  1. OHHHHHH Now that’s just not nice! *brandishes 7 swords-no, firebrands-and doesn’t quite know how he manages to hold them all, but doesn’t quite care*

    First, I’ll tear up the world map. And as for you, *hands you a map of the solar system*

    KIDDING! Only kidding, thanks for the welcome backs and everything.

    Oh, and Silver, it would be nice to see YOU return! Well, to the actual blogging, anyway. Thanks for the single awareness wish too. That’s a new one!

  2. OMG TEEEEEEEEEEENINJ! You’re ALWAYS returning, lol. *pounce*

    Nonono, LEGENDOLOGY > ALL! >O!

    Good luck on the jobs~ And happy V-day/Single Awareness Day, whatever. XD

  3. Whoever insults my guild even if it’s a joke is courting death.
    If thou shalt not die,then be cursed.


  4. Lolz. You see, ol’ pal, there are at least five Incendiarans on MMOT. There is one MegaFlarean. I have one flaming chainsaw.

    Five + one + one = seven. Hm, carefully dividing your body into seven different parts sounds like a plan.

    Screw legendology, mythodology OR history, when I’m done with him, he’s going to be geography, on account of the fact he’s going to need a map to piece himself back together again. A WORLD MAP.

  5. Good one *copies from silver* Imppy!
    And you make it sound like we could form a gang or sth in mmo LOL
    And i aint a guy >O

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