Trouble, Tragedy and Tespia

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Another long while has it been, this time only 4 months though. Yay for that

Since the time slowly neared itself to my darling ScarletWolfs second anniversary, I decided what better way to celebrate than to reach the infamous triple digits?
And so began the quest which came to a rather quick halt at the sudden loss of monetary support. Not that I got hacked, scammed, etc… No, I just plain out suck and mess up any financial endeavor. My economic capacities barely compare to a single 6 volt battery singlehandedly attempting to power a Boeing 747.
So the already rather slow ascend towards level 100 got slowed even further. Not to worry, my spirit was high at the time and I pressed on anyway.

Then along came Tespia. As one of a thousand, I was granted access to the test server.
Alright, new experiences. This will be a great opportunity to motivate myself, I thought. Having lacked any real motivation, this came as a sort of blessing to me. Sheesh, was I wrong…
Tespia was, most likely, the single greatest week of Maplestory I have experienced. Excluding the friendships on the live servers of course.
It was like it was a whole other game. Fresh, renewing and interesting. People who were nice to each other for no particular reason. I could try things I’ve never been able to before. And for once, I had no funding problems whatsoever. A snail must have beaten the world record in pole vault for this to happen.

Of course, nothing good last forever and Tespia was shut down. Hopefully not forever and I hope I may once again be granted access to that, my Maple Utopia.

Returning to Khaini again, I discovered a great punch in the face. Not the item dupes, rollback, server checks or whatever people complained about. Those barely have an impact on my emotional instability. No, what really hit me was the announcement from not one, not two, but three of my friends, proclaiming that they would now quit.
One already semi-quit Khaini in that he moved to Bellocan, but at least he visited regularly. That were to be cut down significantly.
The second declared he had reached his goal of 4th job and now no longer had a reason to play. He left, leaving behind the words: “I’ll visit every once in a blue moon”.
The third, granted that I hadn’t spoken to him much for a while, still hurt me, as a loss of a friend will always do. He would return in two months for a maple wedding, after which he would most likely end his maple career permanently.

So with that and the return of the ways of the live servers, things started to get very depressing, very quickly. But still, even with all those negative impacts, I refuse to give up my fiery beacon of a goal. Although quitting weighed a lot on my mind, I simply cannot quit without at least this feeling of some sort of accomplishment.
Stupid as it may sound, quitting would only result in a feeling of failure, of not being able to reach my goals. A feeling that holds no value to me and therefore a feeling I would rather be without.

So I shall carry on, pushing ever forward, slow as it may be, and time will show what destiny holds for me. Should it show me to quit, then so be it, but not until I reach my goals. And should Nexon once again open the gates of Utespia for me, then I shall enter once more and enjoy the blessings while attempting to please the hands that feed, so they will once more grant me passage should they find me worthy. And if Tespia becomes the only server I end up playing, then I shall hold the times with my friends in Khaini as blessed memories, while searching for familiar faces and bonds.

In the end, should I quit altogether, then my memories shall still be kept dearly and that little chunk of collective happiness will remain in my heart.

Pic #1: One of my “main”s many looks on Tespia.
Pic #2: A Papulatus fun-run with some friends. Two of which mentioned earlier in this blog.

~¤ Scarlet ¤~

5 thoughts on “Trouble, Tragedy and Tespia”

  1. I guess in a world where everything is free or easily obtained, and power is so easily gotten that everyone has it, and the economy doesn’t count for nothing. . .

    Yeah, people will be nice to each other then. There’s no reason to not be nice, because there’s nothing to fight over.

  2. Lololololololololololololololololololol
    Silver! So simple minded, you are!
    How about the mesos that drop from snails? ! ? !
    Yeah, you didn’t think about that, did you?

  3. For some reason, friendships in a virtual world always hurt more than ones IRL.

    Perhaps it’s because ya can actually track down your friends IRL.

    The decision is yours, not ours, to make. That is my 2 cents. Or mesos.

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