CeeSav’s Introduction

Ever dreamed of being a hero?
Ever dreamed of being the greatest?
I have.

And my dreams will come true.

I’ve been playing MapleStory for quite some time now.
But never could continue on with any characters. Always gave up after a while. But not anymore, no more giving up.

Don’t get me wrong, I know MapleStory is just a game, not life. But if I’m gonna play it, why not be great? But I’ts always fun, being at the top, right? And everyone knowing your name? Yeah!

I’m super friendly. Just thought I’d point that out.

*Many of you may be calling me copiers of PirateJing.*
*Thats funny.*

I am gonna be the greatest. Just watch.

8 thoughts on “CeeSav’s Introduction”

  1. I know who you are. . . .

    NARUTO! =D roflmao jk

    but yeah u have enthusiasm! thats awesome for such a cynical game well game full of cynicals and money hungry trolls! =O


  2. If’s naruto,i d have you tell me where to get a kakashi wig >O

  3. Friendly? You’re kidding me. THey’re all these immature fuddudgskens everywhere and they think they’re so buff cause they can hide behind a computer and cuss all they want.

    But that’s the internet.

    Welcome :]


  4. That beginning sounds like PirateJing’s blog where he goes and tells everyone he stopped playing MS

    And I play in Windia.

    Add PubicHairFTW.





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