New Character (2)

Lol. Last time I made a new character, I didn’t have much success. This time, I made a sin in Bellocan that’s currently level 11 and has 500k somehow. This is more of a rant than anything else.

Re: FunnyFroggy’s comment in New Character: As you can see, I have more than 5 sentences in this blog.

Re: ThisIsRaza’s Please NEVER try bad things: You made a typo in the first header. Your last header in blue is a little long to be a header, don’t you think?

Re: AzNxKnife’s MMOid: I don’t know you.

Re: New Character (2): …

Re: I liked this blog: Sometimes I like a blog, but I don’t like it. so how am I supposed to like it?

Re: Surveys: Some of you people write really weird responses to my surveys. Take Ganzicus’ for example in MapleStory Survey #1.

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  1. Please don’t spam blogs, if you have multiple short experiences, squish it into one big blog. Thanks.

    *joins the Confuzzled group*

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