Rice Ball – Ch. 1

Chapter 1 – The Wonderful Day

One day in a wonderful world called Victoriarice Islandball, a little wad of rice was walking along in a forest in Elliniariceball. His name was Rice Ball, and he was only 5 grains old. (15 people years.)

Oh, what a wonderful day. It is such a wonderful day. I wonder what I should do this wonderful day. Maybe I should play wonderful games with my wonderful buddies, or take a wonderful nap. Or maybe I should stop wondering wonderous thoughts…

While Rice was contemplating wonderfully, a tiny creature crept up to him. Slowly, and slyly, the mysterious creature tiptoed towards Rice, who was busy wondering, oblivious to what’s going on around him.

Suddenly, the strange crearture strikes! The shadows part revealing….another rice ball!

“Oh hey, Oni. I was just thinkng what to do on the wonderful day.” says Rice.

“Hmm…let’s go adventure! It’ll be ricetastic!” suggested Oni Giri.

“Okay! …But… we don’t have anything to defend ourselves with…” said Rice.

“That’s okay. We can use the power of Rice!” replied Oni.

And with that, the two friends marched towards Kericening Cityball. Little did they know, there would be many dangers ahead, just waiting to gobble them up….

As the neared Kericening Cityball, they noticed that it was beginning to get dark. Not only would it be unsafe to walk at night, but in a city like Kericening, things could get dangerous. Fortunately, our wonderful rice friends found a wonder pub that looked relatively safe.

Rice opened the door leading to the pub and looked around.

The pub looked relatively clean. The only thing unusual was the toilet. As Rice went to investigate the toilet, Oni jumped over the counter and browsed the selection of beer and wine.

“Oooh! Look at all this wonderful wine and beer! This could make us wonderfully drunk! Fo’ shizzle!” exlaimed Snoop Oni Dogg.

“Uh, yeah…yeah.” replied Rice, uninterested as he peered down the toilet.

Say, there’s a light at the bottom. I wonder what’s down there…. I’ll check on it tomorrow morning… For now, I need a rest.

Rice yawned and turned to see a very …enlarged drunken rice ball.

“Ohboythis beeertastesssooogoood righnow…I-I-I” said Oni. “I lubthistuffso-” THUMP! went his body.

Rice went over to see what he drank, but slipped on the beer that Oni had previously vomitted while Rice was investigating the toilet.

THUMP! went his body as he too, fell to the ground and knocked unconscious.

All was quiet, and nothing stirred in the pub. It was perfectly tranquil for all but 3 seconds, until….it came.

Bom, bom, bom, bom, bom went the boots as the stranger neared the entrance of the pub. It paused for a few seconds, as if contemplating whether or not to go inside. And then, with a hard shove, pushed the door that read ‘Pull’…….only to break his arm. Seriously, what a wonderful noob. With his other hand, he pulled the door open, and ran inside…only to trip over Rice’s body…

The light from inside the pub shines on the strangers face, melting the shadows away to reveal…………………..

To Not Be Continued ‘Cause This Sux0rz0rz And I Only Wrote This ‘Cause I Wanted to Waste Time, Unless You Want Me To Continue This Crap Excuse for a Story.

Er, I mean it’s wonderful. *coughnotcough*

Pic 1 is the main character.

Pic 2 is the 3 Riceketballteers. Third one will be revealed if you REALLY want to read the rest of this craptastic story. Seriously, it’s a disgrace.

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  1. It should have been fan-tastic. ^^; (‘Fan’ being rice in Mandarin, ahah.)

  2. OMG. ONIGIRI! <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  3. @ SilverFx –

    Don’t they have a McDonald’s burger named like that? It works with Cantonese, having the word “rice”,

  4. @iSpade – You wanna eat a 15 human years rice ball? 0_O I bet it’s hellish way beyond moldy,unless it was a pic of a riceball. 0_o
    @arladerus & silver – Imagine. Fonald’s Fx-tastic RiceBalls!

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