Searching for my special star

As the sun starts to rise and the sky is filled with clouds
i wake up questioning myself will today be the day
that i meet her?

I am still looking for her the person dearest to me,
For all i know about her is that she is

For she is someone who love’s to joke around,
She loves joking and teasing people till they drop,
although its sometimes mean
She tells it from her heart , because she’s
worried and freaked out by you’re actions, but
no matter how mean it is she still care’s about you.

For i will devote myself and time just to be with her,
I will never turn my back on her if she is ever in need to talk with me,
For i want to lend her my shoulder in case she wants to lean on me, i will
always lend her my shoulder to cry on, I will never leave her side not for
a minute not for once.

For she is all i care about no matter what she says ,
as long as she’s being honest with me i
will always care for her.

For she is someone important to me that i want to hold dearly in my arm,
when she’s in my arm i will protect her with my life and i
will never let go of her , For she is the reason i am
Happy and smiling.

As long as she is happy with a smile on her face
then i would always try my hardest to never
let that smile fade away.

When she is sad i want to be there for her, when she
doesn’t feel well i want to be there beside her
and help her feel better.
But if i was the problem then i would have to
disappear from her life as long as she is happy,
For her happiness is all i care about.

She is someone who doesn’t take advantage of the word
“Love”, she is someone who doesn’t play with peoples hearts
she is someone fun to talk and joke with, even though
it can be rough sometimes it is definitely worth it,
She is someone who pretends to be so innocent
but hides her wild side, for most of the time she talks
with you there is a smile on her face which makes it
hard to look away from such beauty.

But now the sun is starting to set and the clouds are getting darker
and there are many things i still want to talk about, But i will continue tomorrow along with my search for her, But perhaps maybe …i already
met her….. or perhaps not …..but if i did then i will wait for the right time.