Black Stand [CH.05]

Black Stand

Chapter 05: Return

Edward groaned as he stepped out of the shower. He had a lot of cuts and bruises on his body from the mission, and he certainly wasn’t in the best condition since. He took the shower towel and dried his long hair, making it drape in front of his eyes again. He looked in the mirror, starring at his own eyes. He watched himself talk.

“Well, you’ve made it this far Edward. Don’t die on me now.”

He sighed as he put on a tanktop and some boxers. He opened the door, to find Angela right in front of him, with her hands extended, as if she was reaching for the door knob.

“Sheesh,” Edward said, scratching his head, “What have we come to, where privacy means nothing in this world anymore? Besides, I thought you were done with your shower.”

Angela smirked and punched Edward’s shoulder playfully, as she locked herself in the bathroom.

“People use the bathroom for things other than showering!” Angela said from the other side.

Edward smiled as he wiped more of his soaked head. He walked down the hallway, trying not to inhale the stench that came from the living room. Wondering where the noxious fumes were coming from, he descended the steps, to find Macy and Lawk huddled around a table.

“Well, look who finally stepped out of the shower,” Lawk said as Edward approached them. “You’ve been in there for a while there, buddy. Been doing some things in the bathtub there?”

Edward slapped him upside the head as Macy looked confused. Lawk laughed as he went back to the computer.

“So tell me, ” Edward said, holding his nose, “What’s that thing I smell?

“That would be Macy’s cooking,” Lawk said, not taking his eyes off the computer.

“They’re energy bars. You know,” Macy said coldy, “The things you eat. For energy.

“I’ll think I’ll pass.” Edward said, peering into the kitchen.

“Good choice Ed,” Lawk said, “Get ready to go, we’ll be leaving in a couple of minutes as soon as Angela gets ready.”

Edward nodded. He went upstairs to his room to get dressed. He went up to his room, noticing the familiar beige color, and after closing the door behind him, he opened up the closet to get his usual mission clothing. A bullet proof jacket and camo pants was his usual attire since there was nothing else but casual clothing, and he certainly wasn’t going to put those on for the zombies. As Edward buttoned up his jacket, he stood by the window, looking a at a photo of him and his parents. His memory of his parents were vague, but he still remembered them somewhat. He closed his eyes as he tried to envision them. . .

“I know your future.”

A flash of pain shot into Edward’s head, as he dropped onto the ground, yelling in agony. He grabbed at his hair, screaming for it to stop. The pain was sharp, intense, and burning, destroying all thoughts in his head, annihilating
everything. He screamed louder and louder as the ground rushed up to meet him. The world was turning black. . .

“I know your future. . .”

“. . .Who . . . Are you?”

“I know your future. . .”

“My. . .Future?

“Everyone will die. . .You will be the last man standing on Earth. . .”

“No. . .That can’t be. . .What about the others. .- –

“Dead. . .”

“What about me. . . Am I dead?”

“Dead. . .”

“Answer me! Am I dead?!

“Dead. . .”



Author’s Note:
Intensly short chapter. Sorry about that. I might write Chapter 6 by tomorrow. It depends on how motivated I am. Anyways, I’ll plan on introducing two of the character entries (dannytorres and ipod’s) in the next chapter. Anyways, click that orange button below or I’ll shove grenades up your ass.


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