Captain barbosa is an EMO!

well here’s a good spot to being, the web page for the first time i wrote this? yeah, just all the sudden said “webiste not responding”
well bite me your emo too

onto to the newest junk with me!

i have been accepted into a new guild, and now realize i was influenced far too much by one person who said it was bad.
(they guy i wrote about in my last blog)
the guild is great, and full of very nice people. and i’m happy i was accepted in, (and had all those sweet people vouch for me, i applied to be with you! )

anyway. for my very first bonding experiance with the guild, we went to go fight captain Barbosa in the pirate hideout (**cough** yeah yeah i know) anyway, we don’t even get into the tunnels yet (we were waiting for the rest of our party to pop up)
“damn Miyani we havn’t even started yet!”
did i mention i’m currently the weekest one in my guild?
anyway we run through the tunnels after our team gets there, and bam bam i get the crap beat out of me and die, i see everyone scurry ahead, it took them a sec to realize i’d died, which then turned into a mini savenger hunt to find my dead body. our wonderful cleric quickly resurrected me and then all the healers on teh team got me to fuill health so i could scurry away and recover my mp.
(we had so many healers on our team as soon as you were resurrected they had you up to full health in like, 2 seconds)

anyway we finally get to barbosa, while taking only a few casulaties on the way (most of those were me and the crusader) as we get there i realize right off, i have no idea what i’m doing.
so i seal magical attacks? physical attacks? who do i heal? where to i stand?
well, apparently, not where i was standing! as i was trying to figure out what to do out of no where a bunch of coconut cannon balls fly at me and i die.
i swear i was cursed before going in there.

as we start kicking ass i noticed i’m taking damage and there is red reain all around me (EMO BLOOD RAIN) i look around and notice it’s all over everyone. (this comes from barbosa) so i shrug it off heal myself and the crusader, and keep following the seal command.
then i see barbosa spit out this big, gross black lugie, it hits me and i die, like instantly. my poor little seal master just couldn’t take it, (SHE DIED OF FEAR)
then, much to my own amusement, barbosa starts spitting at EVERYONE, (this guy has some serious issues with sanitation) the living team mates scurry off to the corner so barbosa will go back in his whole for a couple minutes, they come back adn the cleric makes quick qork of resurrectying everyone and we all quickly scurry to our team mates. (we like to quickly scurry)

as we regroup, we send the tank back out to lure barbosa (the fat guy, well, they’re both fat but still) i don’t know exactly where we went wrong, but somewhere along the line we ****ed up.
as we start pummeling barbosa the spawns popped up and took out our crusader, our voys, and our sharp shooter, all of which are pretty important to team. (oh yea, and me) i felt so bad for our cleric at that moment.
and also, to add insult to injury, a couple of the people who were dead, didn’t repair their equip before coming. so ontiop of having mass casualties on our team, the ones we had couldn’t do very much.

one of the (voys or maybe a seal master) had back up for one of the people that died, and kindly loaned a weapon. the cleric in time gets us all ressurrected. (oddly enough the other seal masters said it was important i get resurrected fast o.O seal masters are important! yay!)

when everyones all nice and resurrected, and healed, we all sit in the corner. then for some reason the cannon ball shooters from across the river start shooting at the team who’s just sitting their recooperating.
i run over the edge of the water and try to seal it, instead of sealing from ACROSS the river like a good little seal master (and like she had been the whole time) for some reason, she decided to run her little magical ass around the end of the river, into the enemies pit, and seal him from there, he shot the crap out of her before she could even finish the spell.

now, not only was i dead for the billionth time, but it was going to be an extra pain in the ass for my team to get me back safely after resurrecting me.
so i lay there, and lay there, and lay there….. and watch the pirate skeleton rub his coconuts (they are bombs don’t worry)
then i ask if i should just resurrect in town and sail back. to which everyone replies no! (apparently it’s easier just to resurrect me once there, then have to resurrect me alot to get me back there eh?)
well remember how everyone stuff broke and some of our team mates scurried off?
well it didn’t occur to me right away, that even counting the dead, we were missing a few people.
some of the stronger players had gone back to get supplies and weapons (for those who didn’t repair) well, our cleric was one of them. (cleric have that amazing energy shield, plus our cleric was just an awesome one too, she was really nice and a good team player)

and to top it all off, i got the bot code WHILE I WAS DEAD. (to those that don’t play, in order to prevent botting, they creators installed a little box that pops up, you enter the code displayed, if you get it wrong, or don’t answer it, it boots you off the server after 3 boxes fail to be entered correctly.) well i enter it, it says “correct! your HP and MP have been restored! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! WHY!? i am DEAD with HEALTH, this draws all the monsters too me, which proceed to murder me, AGAIN, i can’t run away! i’m DEAD! so it causes me another death penalty! i was so mad i wanted to go to the company and strangle the programmer.

when they finally get back they bring not only supplies and weapons, and equipment, but another cleric! YAY! the two of them cot all the dead people back up and running and with everyone in top shape we started getting our revenge on barbosa (the whole time listening to the most demonic of e nomine’s music, it fit reall well!)

much to everyones suprise, barbosa hadn’t use his healing skill more than once or twice. so he was still around half hitpoints!
so we go in, and start to take him down like it was nothing, or at least it seemed that way. then he starts like, mass blood raining us, like over and over again. then i yelled out “stop blood raining us ya freaking emo!” and then he immediatley lugie spit me to death X_X.
which really sucked. lol

after awhile, we did kill him though, then scurried away safely to the docks.
as we sailed out, i got myself lost, in a nooby boat, with a bunch of high level pirate boats sailing around. (my guild mates said it was sexy, hell yes it is! guppies rock!)

as i sail out i ask for the coords to get out, but when no one responded i just wandered around aimlessly in the direction i’d seen everyone go in, (guppies are slow)
well, when i couldn’t find my own way out i just let the pirates sink me and went back to spring island (that’s where i am in the beach pics)
also, since when did they add a death penalty for your boat sinking?!
it used to be you could sail out and die, you’d be transported back to your last spawn point, but with full hitpoint, and sp.

the second bonding activity i did was go to chaos argent, but Saf was right, it’s hard for seal masters to survive there,
the high points were i found a treasure chest, and got it half way down all by myself!
then a crusader snuck up on me and killed me (little bastard, then again, how coild i forget to cast true sight!)
then my favorite part!

i’m pretty sure i wrote about it in one of my first blogs here, about hiding in the flower bids of argent city?
well, chaos argent is EXACTLY like regular argent, only it’s a PK arena of sorts.
well after narrowly escaping getting killed by yet another crusader, i weave inbetween a bunch of building and lay down in a flower patch, he sails right by me and didn’t even know i was there. but he came back, he stood right ontop of me, as i held my breath, he walked away! he scoured the area for me for a couple minutes (he could see me on his mini map) then he gave up and walked away.

well he came back a third time with an army of people, (then again, since everyone looks alike, for all i know he was on my team) i was completely surrounded, with zero chance of escape if they actually found me. well a voyager came over and starting shooting conch rays around (he’s obviously much smarter) so my choices were to stay and certainly die, or at least try to run, well i jumped up and high tailed my ass right into a dead end X_X i healed and tried to get out but was cornered by a crusader and a voy, and their in team. so i was promptly executed.
i mean, come on! ONE itsy bitsy seal master against over 10 people?? that’s not even remotely possible X_X. or fair.

but, i still got a good laugh that it took them almost 15 MINUTES to find me, in such a small space, there are houses on three sides, and the flower bed on the forth, come on man, it’s not that hard to figure out where i was.
but sadly, i was completely tapped out of cash, so i only went one more time, which ended very quickly.
chaos argent is very fun and very craZy, all people look the same, you look like you on your screen, but to everyone else you look like a default level 50 of your class and charecter build (like of your a phyllis char, your equip is udine, your fairy, wings, equip, weapons and everything else dissappear.) so again i wonder, how exactly do you not kill your own people??

anyway that’s it for now.
about the ascreencaps:

1. all of us fithing barbosa, he’s the fat guy in the water, you can completely dissappear at a certain spot. the fat guy on the rock is our tank.
2. barbosas emo blood rain. see? isn’t it pretty?
3. us charging up to attack barbosa again, and me standing on a healing spring (really i love clerics)
4. me blowing a kiss to all my loyal readers. and yes, i DO have a bikini bottom my hand just covers most of it.
5. what happens when you play with sharks. they bite off your leg. munch munch! (edit obviously)

thanks for reading guys! ^.~

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  1. this is tales of pirates, pirate king online is the,,,,chinese (i think) version of the game. trhere’s a third one but i don’t remember what it’s called.
    if you’d like to join go to, i’d be happy to play and help you start out if your in the dream islands phoenix server

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