Level 47, chyeah.

Not bad.
Two levels in two days. And three levels away from level 50. Mmm. I can almost taste my new 4 attack, 10 LUK Pink Adventurer’s Cape…

…which I don’t actually have, and probably never will. I have exactly 9 mil right now. That might buy me a clean 1 attack PAC – far below the standards most people will agree on as “good”. “Good” is a 46 attack kandayo. “Good” is a 14 attack glove. “Good” is, unfortunately, out of my reach, as someone who can’t exactly afford to buy 500 gachapon tickets every week. Or even a store permit, for that matter. I do all of my trading via Basil, where I’m forced to sell my items at less than half the overpriced amount most FM merchants are selling at.

While PQing last week, a girl from a guild called MadeInChina (apparently, everyone in the guild has over 100 mil – at least, that’s what she said) asked me what attack my kandayo was. I told her it was 38, which I thought was pretty good, and she laughed at me.

Oh, sorry I can’t measure up to your ridiculously high standards. I’m gonna go steal my mom’s credit card now and charge a few hundred dollars’ worth of NX so I can hopefully make enough mesos to be considered “good”.

Screw. You.

I remember back in the day when 10 attack work gloves were considered godly and cost 100 mil or more. Now it’s the norm. Apparently, if your glove isn’t at least 10 attack, you suck and should therefore quit Maple. lol wut?

The Maple community has seriously gone downhill in the past two years. All anyone cares about is money, leveling, and damage. Gone are the days when you could just sit down in Henesys and have an conversation with someone. Now it’s all “mesos plz” and “s> ilbis 11m@@@@” and “l> 50+ gf with nx must be hot”. And despite that, I still play – no idea why, but I do.

And I just noticed how all my blogs are basically just pessimistic rants about things that piss me off. Soooo, on a brighter note…

Yeah, I’ve got nothing.



15 thoughts on “Level 47, chyeah.”

  1. -worship-

    That is MapleStory; I love the way you put so succinctly.

    May I add you to my friends list?

  2. MapleStory is pathetic. Yet I play it. Strangely. Just ignore people, and make friends from forums or something. I’m one of the more active players of MMOTales. I play Scania.

  3. MapleStory is horrible. The players have gone to crap, hackers are starting up again, but are dwarfed by the number of glitchers, who don’t fear bans because the GM’s hardly do much. Standards have shot up due to deflation, and I gtg. Be my friend? *sad face*

    ~*insert sig here*

  4. Alrighty, sure. :]

    I haven’t noticed any hackers, people are talking about them, so I figure something must be up, but I haven’t actually seen any. Glitchers are annoying, though. Just as bad as hackers, if not worse – they actually think there’s nothing wrong with what they’re doing. Oh yeah, you’re exploiting a glitch (which was supposed to be fixed) to get five times the exp you should. Nope, nothing wrong with that at all. >_>

  5. During the glitch OPQ era, a lot of my friends told me to glitch OPQ to level fast, and it was hard to refuse, but I did, ‘cos it’s just. . . not. . .

    Gah! Dunno how to say it. Except for ‘but it’s bad to exploit glitches’! .__.;;

  6. Yeah. I’ll admit, I glitched once or twice, but only out of sheer desperation – back then, it was literally impossible to find a non-glitching party. I got invited to glitch PQs even though I /clearly/ stated I was only joining rush or full. And when I got frustrated and decided to lead a rush PQ since I couldn’t find one, well, it was even harder to find people willing to rush.

    “No, this is rush.”
    “-leaves party-“

  7. I’m allergic to grinding.

    My favorite MS hobby is spazzing.

    Maybe I should join your server when/if I eventually pick MS up again.

  8. Maybe you should.

    It’d be nice to have some fresh brains- I mean, awesome people such as yourself in Broa. It’s starting to get overrun with nubs, I’m afraid. Which makes me sad. Like this:

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