Lul, 10x and 9x Solo Final Pap Body

Today, as you might now from my previous blogs (omg a 3rd blog in like 10minutes shift!11/) I got back in Broa today, and after my 2x antics, I wanted to go Pap.

First party was pretty pro and was a successfull run without any problems.

Second party was a bit less pro, with mainly 9x-11’x’s in it.

Slowly we fought pap and slowly brought its HP down. Along with its HP, went most of my party members.

Some tardy Mage originally led the party, he insisted, constantly spamming “me party leader give me!”.

Pap, being Pap, dispelled and our DK instantly HB’d, like he normally did. Obviously this stupid mage doesn’t know what “magic guard” means and what “dispel” does, so he dies. Then the stupid idiot thinks its a good idea to leave the party, thus splitting us all up. I scramble to reform whilst trying not to die.

We end up with myself, dk, priest and a hermit on the final body.

Within 30 seconds, both ther Hermit and the DK die. Leaving just me, and the priest. Note the lack of HB! >

I equip my Soulsinger and consume a barricade booster, giving me a sexy *insert high number wayy over 200 here* accuracy, enough to get a decentish hitrate


#1, Party
#2 Dead people 😮
#3 Accuracy and suff (was taken the previous run)
#4 VERY SLOW and POT CONSUMING (Burned over 250 60% HP pots, 130 Reindeer Milk things as well as 30 Power Elixers)
#5 Result!

Probbably the most expensive Pap run I’ve ever done, but the best fun and definatly one of my better achievements

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