Sirsolo’s back.


It’ is I. HUNDaemon.

Just kidding, it’s really Sirsolo.

I’ve been here all along, yet nobody knew.

Well, I stopped caring.

Im saying this simply because I pretty much quit MS again. Level 68, 40% with NX cash good for another 2 months. (Last month is when I stopped playing)

Oh well
Waste of time.

That’s pretty much all.



10 thoughts on “Sirsolo’s back.”

  1. duuude this is tht huge flamer~!?~

    -looks arounf for flames but doesnt see any-

    are u sure its not just a joke? =O


  2. Sirsolo was HUNDaemon all along?!

    Who could’ve known

    Welcome back yo, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t flame as much as you did back then, though.

  3. MasterCheeze said: “Huh, I never would’ve guessed.

    I never would’ve caredÂ…”

    At least Cheeze can speak for both of us XD

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