After about a week of being level 45, I FINALLY leveled up – no thanks to Ludi PQ, which I’ve officially concluded is a serious waste of time.

I’d probably be better off training on snails.

It generally ends with me getting annoyed and going off to train on Platoons, then getting bored and going back to Eos to PQ again, and so on. And eventually, I never get in. By then I’m pissed off that I’ve wasted so much time, so I decide to just log off. I guess I just have really bad luck, because my friends are PQing and leveling once a day.
Talk about unfair. :[

Somehow, I always manage to get stuck with the worst kind of idiots. For example, this one party I was in yesterday. The leader’s girlfriend was in the party, and while we were waiting (in a nearly empty channel with a stage 8 track), they just sat in the bottom-right corner by the door making kissy faces and googly eyes at each other. I’ve had this happen more times than I can count, but at least we got in. Frankly, I don’t care if the leader threatens to disband unless we let his girlfriend have whatever portal she wants – as long as I get exp. These two, however, just took it too far.

“ily <33”
“ily more <333”
“no, ily more! <333333”
“noooo, ily more <333333333333333”

Resisting the urge to vomit, I tell the leader that our track is at crack and he should probably get ready to click.

“nuh uhh, ily 83573485 times moreee <33333”

Okay, whatever. I figure he’ll start clicking when they get to bonus. The other party members are taking advantage of the situation to go AFK, so I’m the only one tracking. Greeeat.
Then the party inside gets to bonus.

“Dude, they’re at bonus.”
“Can you even click from down there?”

Then – here comes the shocker – we miss. We were the only party in the channel. Even if he couldn’t read party chat because his buddy list was spamming or whatever, I’m sure he’d notice the six people that suddenly appeared in the air, talking about their PQ prizes (‘I GOT ORES OMG’). The party inside wasn’t all that quick to b-rush either. It had been well over 10 seconds before they finally got out. So after a while, our leader finally gets up and asks, “stage?”

Was this guy kidding?

I tell him we missed two minutes ago.

“oh… sry guys”
“its okay hun <33”

They go back to making googly eyes at each other or whatever, and having had quite enough of that, I left the party. Went to platoons and leveled, yayyy.

In other news, I leveled my archer to 18. And it basically took forever. I’m in those weird in-between levels where the guides say I should keep training on orange mushrooms and the like at places like Henesys Hunting Grounds, but the exp is way too slow. However, I’m not quite ready for pigs yet. So I have no idea where to train. I guess I’m just used to leveling insanely fast – first to second job on my dexless sin was a breeze, quite literally. And second to third job isn’t looking too different so far.

Actually, my archer levels just about as fast as my sin does (40% an hour when I should be getting, like, two levels an hour).

I kinda like archers, though, so I’m gonna keep going. I can’t wait to get to second job and become a hunter. :]
Also, when should I cap my STR? I’ve heard 100, 85, 7x with STR equips… kinda confused about that. Is it worth it to go STRless or low-STR?

Sorry if that was a bit long! I haven’t blogged in a few days so I had a lot to talk about, haha.


11 thoughts on “Finally.”

  1. I hate inactive leaders, you spam ‘CRACK!’, ‘BUTTCRACK!’, ‘B!’ or even ‘C!’ and yet, they don’t respond. They respond JUST when the other party enters and say ‘Oops, sry was afk’.

    Don’t be a leader when you can’t afford to.

  2. Ugh, I know! It’s like they’re doing it on purpose, just to piss people off.
    Leaders who decide they don’t want to lead at the last minute are almost as bad. Once the party inside finally gets to crack, they say, “who wnts 2 lead?” If they didn’t want to, why did they lead in the first place? Honestly.

    Also, they should make everyone pass a literacy test before PQing. Sometimes I honestly can’t figure out what the heck some people are saying.

  3. Hey I do that “No I love you more!” type of thing :<. Thing is, i’m super good at clicking. And I do pay attention. . . and i’m a famous track again ;/.

    AaronFTW is ga`y lololololol.


  4. Lawl.

    My old priest was a pretty famous track. Well, more like infamous. Everyone hated me. x]

  5. I once had TEN crack tracks in a row,and the dude just missed every one of them.

  6. Yeah. Archer first job = worst ever.
    It’s like playing a perpetual level 7 mage. Except it isn’t exactly perpetual, but it is still a lot longer than level 7.
    But I absolutely, hate hate hate level 31-34.

  7. My old archer also used to be a famous track also.

    One day, a dude walked up to me and said “Hey! I used to track you alot before!”

  8. LOL DEST.

    Someone announced my name on a smega.

    I never got into PQ since.

    Nah just kidding.


  9. One time I had this guy say “/FIND CROCHER”
    But I wasn’t even in the PQ yet. . . .

    KPQ LPQ LMPQ HPQ I was the best track out there. . . .


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