An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

And so does anti-doctor spray.

But that’s not the point.

The point is that I’m finally level 60, after being 5x for the longest time EVER. But of course, in order to get to level 60, I’d have to start playing Maple again. Which I have, due to extreme boredom. And by extreme boredom, I mean EXTREME boredom. In fact, it’s boredom so extreme that it has a special name. That name is ‘rjsdkgsdlkhsd’. But that’s not the point either.

In fact, I’m not so sure I even remember what the point was, anyway. So I’ll just change the subject abruptly!


I believe I’ve ranted a bit about these before, but now I’m going to do it again, because I can and it’s fr- *shot*

Right, so I’d just gotten home, an NX cash card worth $25 tucked in my back pocket and a measly quarter in my wallet where my hard-earned money had once been. Redeemed it. And so it was off to the cash shop to purchase a Ludi EXP hair coupon (or twelve). I’d attempted to obtain the elusive Sonara Wave hairstyle once before – and failed. But could it slip through my grasp now that I was armed with considerably more NX (that I’d worked oh-so-hard to purchase)? It couldn’t. It wouldn’t.

Not this time.

And, well…

It did.

That’s how I’d look for the next few days, enduring countless “LOL”s and “omg ew”s as I LMPQ’d and 4x exp’d my way to level 60 (yay for stackable 2x exp events and 2x cards!), and merchanted my way to 50 mil. That’s great and all, but I had a freaking yellow doorknob on my head. Not so cute.

So I begged mother dearest for an extra 5k NX – just enough for 2 EXP coupons – so I could give it another shot. Fortunately, she obliged. And the first coupon got me the Miru. I’d gotten it before, in one of my many previous attempts at acquiring the Sonara Wave. It was okay, definitely better than the doorknob… but it made my head look like a lemon from behind. A glow-in-the-dark lemon.

Hesitantly, I returned to the cash shop and bought a second coupon.

Wellll, I didn’t get the style I wanted, but I think it’s pretty cute. :3
…under the bandana, anyway.

So let that serve as a lesson to the lot of you. Buy lots of anti-doctor spray, because apples are lame. Peace out, homeskillets.


10 thoughts on “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

  1. Relativity, my friend
    Try saying that to the person who occasionally can’t afford cabs and boat rides.

  2. Merchant snail shells? 😮

    And about me being a girl, I thought that was obvious?

  3. Nah, I’m good for now. 2 mil, enough pots from LMPQ to last me a level of training, and 10 levels left of LMPQ itself.

    Yes. This is how my merching went:
    – bought a Tobi for 650k in FM entrance
    – had my friend sell it in FM for 725k
    – donated it toward guild expansion
    – bought a Tobi for 600k on Basil
    – never went through with trade
    – got ‘scammed’ into buying a Tobi for 650k
    – sold it for 400k and an Icy
    – found out Icys won’t sell for 250k
    whoo I’m so pro~

  4. Congrats on the 4x exp to level 60, and the much better haircut . I really need some NX soon so I can get a 4x exp so I’m not grinding all the time.

  5. Thanks.
    And yeah, 4x is like, INSANE exp. Pity the 2x exp events only last two hours, though. And all the good training spots (even FoG, which is usually relatively empty-ish) are always crowded as hell. >_>

  6. Oh. Was that where the monsters and dead people were?

    lol, when you told me to go to Hen, I spawned at the other side. Just as people summoned Robos.

  7. Yeah. The ZMMs were only around for a few seconds, though, bunch of high levels went around and killed ’em all.

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