Good Times In SMS

Yeeeeah… disregard that.

Think I might share a story or two with you. :3

Vendetta ish mah friend. He ish mah good friend. Helps me whenever I need him. And we always go through some kind of misadventure. *CoughbecauseIdraghimintoitcough*

He gave me a weeny lil cute crown for my head.


So one day, I used a smega to call our mighty GM’s attention, after he threw a humongous boss party in FM 20. I wait patiently for him to respond while I spoke to Dagger (AzN) and then suddenly I get warped into this place that’s all white. I see 2 maple admin NPCs just standing there and I hear Lith Harbor music in the background. When I look up, there he was, our all powerful GM that could kill us by summoning Horntail upon us at anytime (which he actually did).
He teleported down and with a powerful commanding demand, he TOLD me to state my question.

Eep… all I wanted to do was ask if I could buy a Dragon Shiner Bow from you.


He sold it to me and promptly warped me back to Hene. It was an amazing experience. o.o And I dubbed the GM’s secret area as Maple Purgatory. I was freaking out and LOLing all over the place. THEN, my friend, Vendetta, smegaed for the GM’s attention. He got it… but then.. he sort of didn’t get it.


Stephen, our most beloved leader, warped Vendetta there, but unlike my experience, Steph wasn’t there waiting for him. Ven got trapped. He figured that Steph would come back. But he didn’t. LMAO!
Ven waited. For about an hour. Then he logged and came back and was out. I guess Steph forgot about him being in there?

After a while, Ven ended up getting warped back there. Steph was there this time and Ven asked his question. Steph responded:

“Keep hunting young grasshopper.”

“Ven, what did you ask him?”

“For the scales and spirirts.”

LOL Ven, you should have known better and should’ve just bought the XBow from him.

All while this is happening, I managed to die a few hundred times at MDTs hunting for a frigging Blue Cordon since I needed better gloves.
And a fake Pap trapped me there for a while, zapping me everytime I grabed a rope to climb up, until Ven came to the rescue…. AGAIN, and killed it with a bit of my help.
Freaking Pap and it’s 100% acc moves. D<

Tee hee I liek, spent all mah monies. D:

On trying to get a facking hairstyle.
Yes a hairstyle.

I walk into FM and find my friend Night there with her crew, Raspberry and xAmberr and I talk about the major flirting going on in smega chat between a girl named Miyazaki and Stephen that are like practically having sex with words and making us all read it, I noticed that Rasp and Night look exactly alike. Same hairstyle, same eyes, same eye color. They even had that same clothes on. o.O So it was liek:

Cielo: I should get the blue version of the hairstyle you guys have.
Night: (F2) OMG YESSSSS.
Night: Dooo it!!
Night: NOW!
Cielo: (F6) Mkay.
Night: Meet you in Orbis hair salon, yes? Yes?
Cielo: Kay. 😮

So I get there and Night is already waiting for me.


I buy the EXP hair cupon and try.
I fail.

Then I try about 20 more times. I even ran out of money. So Night had to lend me a few… millions. ;>.>
It got to the point where Night spammed the F4 face and started attacking the hair salon chick.
After about the billionth time, I managed to get it. Fwee~

Then Steph killed us with HornTail.

But I’ll get to that in a bit.

After I get my hairstyle, Night tells me that Steph is in Mu Lung. So we get there… and there was a HornTail waiting for us.

Of course we died.
But Steph killed it and revived us…. well only me, Night and Miyazaki. Oracle, and Raspberry where there too. But he left them dead. They came back.
We had a little chat with Steph before he was about to go.

He summoned Horntail on us again.
We died again.
He killed it and revived us again.
But Oracle and Rasp stayed dead again.
El. Em. Ey. Eff. Oh.

Once we were revived, he logged and I changed my eyes.

Now to make my monies back.

I was gonna wep farm with Ven because we were both frigging broke.
Then I was gonna go to Showa Town for a bit and maybe take him along.

But then I had to go. D:
So I said goodbye and logged.
Then I took a shower, went to bed at 3 in the morning and missed school the next day. XD It was worth it though.


13 thoughts on “Good Times In SMS”

  1. LOL. Your blog made my all-nighter a bit more bearable. *wants to sleep but deadline is looming*

  2. Nice.
    You almost make me regret ditching SMS.
    But MS in general takes no skill. Any idiot can grind for weeks and get to level 100 so they can grind a little differently.
    Private servers make it bearable, though. Instead of weeks, it’s hours. And then you can fool around, and it’s actually fun.

    But I’m a man on a mission, and that’s to become as pro as Aphredite (lol, never gonna happen) and for that I have to hone my Rakion skillz.

    Only use I have left for MS is to keep in touch and fool around, and most of the people I know are on GMS.

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