Third job.

The next step.

The third job advancement in the Story of Maple has many names, but is universally known as:

The Third Job Advancement.

What does this have to do with us this blog?

You’ll soon find out.

It was a nice day outside, but I had dedicated myself to sacrificing large amounts of time to reach Level 70. It wasn’t an extremely tough goal, but it was a hard task, especially with no 2x exp event. I was too impatient to reach my Maple Goal, the thing I had aspired to ever since I had created my bandit: bandit123432

Points for originality: -1/10

So what was I training on?


Warning: This section just details some info on Gryphons. If not interested, please skip.

They have an awesome exp:HP ratio of 220:3300. For all you readers out there too lazy to do math, that translates to a 1:15 exp:HP ratio. To say the least, that’s pretty good. Even better is that I can OHKO them.

But Gryphons are not like normal monsters. For one thing, they fly. Yep, that’s right, Gryphons are flying monsters. Why do you think I, a Bandit, train there? They either fly around a platform or just come straight to me. Very easy. Also, they are quite . . . large monsters and are easy to hit with Savage Blow, which hits in front, a bit down, and a bit up. However, Gryphons do have quite a bit of touch damage (21x-23x) to me. That’s why we use Pain Relievers (19x-21x) and the Maple GM Bless (17x-19x).

There are two maps that spawn (only) Gryphons. The first one is Mountain Cliffs (see minimap), where I trained my butt off for 4x-5x (2HKO) and 6x-present (OHKO). It is a good map, has several platforms that are large enough so you don’t fall off. Even if you fall into the pitfall, you only go one map back. I recommend this for all jobs but Assassins/Hermits. Warriors and Bandits are melee, so the monsters fly to them. The magicians have a bit of range, but can attack at close range. Rangers have Arrow Bomb and Arrow Rain (no minimum range), while Snipers have Arrow Eruption (no minimum range). The second map I forget, but I severely would tell anyone thinking of training there to not. First, you need around 110%-115% jump just to jump onto the teleporter that lets you get to the rest of the map. I’ll do a diagram.

| <—- 110%-115% jump needed to jump to teleporter.

So you basically need to be a thief (haste), a magician (teleporter) or a rich idiot (equips that add enough jump) to get onto the teleporter. What’s worse is that there is no bottom. It’s just a bunch of small platforms. If you fall too much off, you get shoved to the bottom. The entire bottom actually makes you ‘fall’ to the Krakian Jungle, which is about 3 maps away. Not worth it unless you are a hermit w/ flash jump to jump back on. So I only recommend this map for desperate hermits.


Fine, fine. It took me about 2 hours at my friend’s house (I can’t play that much @ mine b/c HW & Extracurricular), but I finally leveled to . . .


. . .


Level 70. Finally, I will be done with this mindless grinding! Because now I can do my . . .

Third Job Advancement

Now what do I need to do first . . .

Head to El Nath.

I went to Orbis! Then I took the cheap route and used an Orbis Rock Scroll to El Nath. Then I died out of cold in El Nath: Snowy Hill. Stupid frostbite. -_-

So I talk to my job instructor: Arec.

“I want to take on the third job advancement.”

“You do? Well, head over to the Dark Lord for the Physical part of the test. I’ll notify him.”


“. . .”

“Wait, WHAT?! He’s all the way back in Victoria!”

“Stfu stupid noob. This is my revenge for having to advance annoying funded dexless Assassins! Now go or I won’t let you do your job advancement.”

Okay . . .

As you can see, Arec has a bad attitude. So I headed back to Orbis, then back to Kerning City. There, I talked to the Dark Lord.

“Yawn, what are you doing here?”

“I’m here for my Third Job Advancement.”

“Hmm. Oh yeah, Arec told me that you had to do your physical test.”

“So what do I have to do?”

“Kill my clone. I can’t stand for anyone to be as awesome-ninja looking as me. That’s why I don’t let Hermits advance into Dark Lords.”

“Okay . . . I just heard the first part.”

As I left for my task, I overheard the Dark Lord talking to himself.

“Wait, if they’re also Dark Lords, doesn’t that mean they’re my clones? No, they aren’t. Still . . . Oh, I got it! The next person that wants to do their Third Job Advancement must kill a level 120+ Dark Lord! Genius!”

After hearing that, I scrambled outta there.

So where was his clone? In somewhere called Monkey Forest II, there would be a Portal of Dimension to lead me to him. Of course, I used Hidden-Street!

. . .

Oops, wrong link. This Hidden-Street.

After entering the cavern and passing through the Path of Glittering Crystal, I arrived at the other dimension. I slowly snuck up on the unsuspecting clone, where I heard some . . . awkward things.

“Oooh, so Ms. Crystal, how about we have some fun?”

Not wanting to hear more, I quickly engaged him in combat (see pic #1).

I would like to point out that chat log:

xXKameKaziXx: lol i wonder if he uses ME

Now why would the Dark Lord clone use Kame? He’s a Hermit not a Dark Lord!

Anyways, I defeated him quite quickly and easily. He did about 45x touch damage and about 1k Avenger Damage. Well, he is a ‘Dark Lord’ clone after all.

He dropped a Black Charm, which I promptly handed to the Dark Lord. He congratulated me on a job well done. Then he proceeded to screw me over by sending me to Arec (in Orbis).

“But why?”

“Because Hermits become Dark Lords at 4th Job.”

“Wait, how the heck . . .”

“GO NOW!!! NAO!!!!!!!!!!!”

Yeah. So I boarded the ship back to Orbis. That makes for a total of three and a half times!

I died.

And had to go again.

Still, at last I reached El Nath. There, xXKameKaziXx found meh. Anyways, I had a quick little chat with Arec for my mental training.

“So Arec, here’s the necklace of strength. Now what?”

“Urg, just go to the Holy Stone.”

“Why not the Dark Stone? Bandits use shadows and blow up mesos!”

“Only Assassins may be trained in the dark arts of KSing and annoyance. Now go away, I’ve got Maple to play!”

So I headed over to Sharp Cliff II and entered the door. There, I met the Holy Stone. I was given 5 questions to answer:

Question One: What is the first NPC you see in Maple Island??
Answer: Heela

Questio– Okay, ya know what? Screw this.

Question 2
Question 3
Question 4
Question 5

Then I got a Congratz and a necklace of wisdom from the Holy Stone. I headed back to Arec, who told me ‘Great Job!’ (see pic 2)

Then he asked me if I really wanted to advance. What did I say?


After that, a Holy Girl descended upon me. It made me feel special. Then my job instructor told me all about my skillz as a Chief Bandit.

In addition, he gave me 5 AP points and 1 SP points. 5 AP points went straight to luck, and I put the SP point into Assaulter to try it out. It was fun trying out Assaulter.

But job advancement is complete without a suicide! So I headed over to the cave of Pianus. However, with 4th jobs killing it just as it spawns, I was only able to see a blood boom. I was curious on its health, and hit it twice with Savage Blow. Then it exploded and did over 9000 damage!! Truthfully, it did 10xxx damage. Obviously, I died.

And thus ends this blog, with a happy death of MMO Tales’ newest Broan Chief Bandit. Please like this blog.


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  2. Interesting to read, a little long and too detailed tho. But omg I feel your pain having to travel to and fro from Vic to Ossy and back. >.<

    Edit: Oh, I forgot to congratulate you! So, congratulations on your third job! I’m still a long way off from mine.

  3. I can’t wait to be a CB

    TY for the details, really clarified a lot of my questions about 3rd job~

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