You phayl.

You phayl.

SarangTAE: Global-Broa
FAME: 48
MESO: 1.3 mil
P.T: 7 hrs

Well, I guess first things first. I leveled from 50-51. Being happy, and while distributing my SP and AP, I clicked Spiegalmann again for entrance to the cpq, getting ready for another grinding session. “access denied lozl” Then an invisible coconut punched me in the face with a fistful of betchy reminders. I was level fifty one.

Not knowing what to do next, I consulted my friend, who immediately answered with 4 simple letters: “lmpq”. However, I could not try it yet because I went out to 7-11 to buy some NX. ;-; (Don’t tell me to join a private server. They sux lozl.) Anyways, I used the 25 dollars I had saved up to get a name change, from iSHiNx7 to SarangTAE, and the rest on a ATKWG and Smegas.

I med 14 mil lozl. Off of a 7 atk wg? Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was a 7. Anyways, I used the 14 mil I had to buy 2 more Steely sets, and I’m saving the remaining 1 mil for something else I might need. I’ll probably blow it on an Onix apple or something I don’t really need. (dats da part wer i phayl lozl)

I decided to kill some Lupins around Ellinia, so I went and to my surprised found a vac hacker raping all of the poor little monkeys at once. I reported him, took several screenshots, and quickly changed channels. I don’t get why people would hack. ;-; (Picture #1)

I finally soloed a mushmom by myself. To my surprised, it wasn’t that hard. Mushmom’s attack mechanics basically work the same way as a King Slime. You just jump to avoid the earthquake attack that they both do. Being a sin and having maxed haste, it was a fairly easy job to dodge and attack. (Picture #2) I soloed 6 mushmoms by changing channels, but NONE OF THEM DROPPED ANYTHING BUT A SPORE AND MONEY. ogm i wil ban mushmom for hekign

This girl came up to me the other day asking me to be her boyfriend. Sticking to my beliefs and morals, I kindly let her down. “U SUK I WIL NVR BE UR BOYFRIEND LOZLZLZLZ” (Picture #3)

There was this portal in the Forest east of Henesys that I couldn’t enter. When I pressed up near it, all it said was, “There’s a door that’ll lead me somewhere, but I can’t seem to get in there.” I spammed the up key, thinking I was lagging, until I noticed my chatbox. Could anyone tell me what big mystery lies beyond that portal? O: (Picture #4)

Spam. (Picture #5)


6 thoughts on “You phayl.”

  1. Congratulations. Oh god, that image of Vacuum Hacking is just horrible. Images from the great Hacker Era in MapleStory haunt my memories still.

  2. ShieldedHope said: “Congratulations. Oh god, that image of Vacuum Hacking is just horrible. Images from the great Hacker Era in MapleStory haunt my memories still.”

    who r u and wat haff u done with ur commen sensse


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