I <3 my Guild

This is for my guildies Cruxis <3

Elmo: Why are there butterflies in a guy guild pic?!
Herms: You said you loved me last night! And you promised to train with me today! Why are you with kirbis now!? *pulls*
Zelos: Kirbs, wth are you riding on me? Herms, it’s gonna rip soon damnit! Why are there butterflies around me!? what the hell is with this outfit!? *confused with everything* …what?!
Kirbs:this dog doesn’t even listen…oh wait..teddy bear…oh whatever…
Bubbies:Bubbies! comon! think! Egam’s secret to Omok Pwnage p. 1337 stratedy no.498534….my brain feels like it’s steaming…
Egam: should i tell him his ice cream is about to drip on my omok board…*repeats over and over again*

I hope you guys like it XD

– VanillaPocki –

13 thoughts on “I <3 my Guild”

  1. Heehee, saw this on Basil.

    I’m jealous how you’re all pro at drawing. =/

  2. It’s an . . . ok drawing. I see nothing special. It’s Roliana level.

    Gah, I still don’t have my guild. stupid guild hack. What a waste of 30+ mil.

  3. WOW! I love your drawing you draw better then the Maple Story designers in my opinion honestly great job on that and keep at it you can so make your own anime wow, im impressed severely haha XD.Awesome blog too.

  4. Better than the MapleStory designers? Make their own Anime? What are you smoking? Why is everyone overreacting? >_>;

  5. vicelin said: “Better than the MapleStory designers? Make their own Anime? What are you smoking? Why is everyone overreacting? >_>;”

    Compared to my drawings. . . or if you COULD call it that, it’s amazing okay? I’m impressed by anyone who can draw 1/2 as good as that.

  6. Gah. The internet has such low standards for art.

    Maybe I’m just biased though. At my MICA portfolio examination, the girl next to me had a portfolio chock-full of anime and nothing else. And it was actually pretty good stuff, but they denied her entrance to the college for that reason alone. And I can’t help but agree with them Dx

    So excuse me for taking art too seriously.

  7. lol, vicelin, I’m a music major XD not art major. I draw this from interest, not professionally so don’t put those “artistic” standards on me. Cause i can’t draw XD , or colour actually.

    The internet does not have low standards for art. (DeviantArt has some really great artists) I find that a very general and insulting compliment. People don’t have low standards for art, it’s just our definition of “amazing” and “awesome” alters from yours. You shouldn’t compare me with artists that have their own portfolios cause i don’t spend all my time drawing. And yes, I don’t think i’m half as good as MS designers and i definately can’t make my own anime XD but thank you for those comments, I am flattered.
    Take these comments as an appreciation of hard work and effort and stop being so dry.

    I take art very seriously too. I <3 Art

    – VanillaPocki –

  8. I know you don’t do it professionally. That was kind of obvious, and that was why I didn’t feel the need to praise it. I’ll admit that I have high standards, but better to have them high then to drop them as low as they can go just to make someone feel good. What confused me were the reactions. It’s no wonder modern art is so profitable and popular with standards like those.

    And yes, the internet does have low standards for art. Global artistic standards drop drastically through-out each art movement (I blame Andy Warhol).That standard isn’t just secluded to the internet. It applies to nearly everything considered “art” today. “Everyone is an artist”, “everyone is a winner”, “everyone is special”, “everyone’s opinion matters”. The same mentality that has already ruined several generations. Hate to sound like a pessimist, but that’s how the cookie crumbles. Shock Art is excellent proof that things have gone downhill. And DA does have some great artist, but the bad on that website certainly outweigh the good, which is why I’m spending more time on ConceptArt now.

    And I’m glad you take art seriously, and I’m glad that you defended yourself. I respect you highly for that. Sorry if I came off as a moron. (Also, my minor is music we might be a lot alike).

  9. . . . How did a debate about art start here. . . 😮

    They’re soo cuuteee x_x -hugz- (I phail at drawing cute stuff x____x)

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